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February 2015  

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Last month's survey question:            
What is your Piping/Drumming related New Year's Resolution? 
Practice More  48%
Learn New Tunes  29%
Join A Band  1%
Compete  4%
Improve in Competition  4%
Other 14%  


This month's survey question:         

Attendance at Highland Games & Celtic Festivals has been diminishing.  How many Games or festivals do you attend per year?  What factors does your band consider for attending events and what would encourage you to attend more?

Answer the Question                  



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Pipe Bands- Ask us for Quotes!

 We are happy to provide quotes for all your piping, drumming & Highland Dress needs.  Quantity discounts are available on most products.

Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School has a new location and a new website!

Save The Canmore Highland Games
The Three Sisters Scottish Festival Society is asking for donations and support to ensure that there will be a Canmore Highland Games in 2015, which will be their 25th Anniversary. They will make their decision on Feb 19th. 
For more information or to donate, take a look at their website

US customers- now is a great time to stock up on all your piping/drumming needs! The dollar is in your favor!

Ex.: Technopipes are $420 CAD, but with the conversion it is currently about $335 USD*!!

Ex.: A 16 oz kilt is $529 CAD, which is currently about $422 USD*!!

*Please note that the exchange rate is constantly changing and exact exchange rate at time of purchase may vary.

Canadian Customers- Keep your money in Canada!

A 16 oz kilt from a US competitor is $589 USD, which is about $738 CAD!

A Bannatyne hide/synthetic pipe bag from a US competitor is $215 USD, which is about $270 CAD!
That's not including the duty, brokerage, and shipping costs! 
Shop in Canada to save money!!

Upcoming Events
Feb 14 Valentine's Day

Feb 16 Family Day- We will be Closed

Mar 1 St David's Day

Mar 6 Annual Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Claddagh Branch Spring Ceilidh, Saskatoon, SK

Mar 10 International Bagpipe Day

Mar 17 St Patrick's Day
Get your Guinness Gear Now!

See More Upcoming Events in our Events Calendar
Featured Article 
The Importance of the Piper's Pal Recharge Kit 

Recharge kits are available for each of the Piper's Pal Products.  We recommend recharging your Piper's Pal about once a year.  The purpose of the recharge kit is to keep the Piper's Pal operating efficiently to keep your reeds in optimal playing condition. 

If you don't recharge your Piper's Pal, your reeds could be susceptible to moisture build up resulting in mildew.   

Before putting the recharge kit into your Piper's Pal, be sure to dispose of the old contents, disassemble the trays and wash in warm, soapy water, then rinse and dry. Follow the instructions to ensure you are putting the contents in the correct location and adding the correct amount of water.

Recharging your Piper's Pal will ensure a long life for your Chanter Reeds.
Scottish Humor

Video Clip

Here's one for the drummers.  A group of young snare drummers at a high school talent show.
Hot Scots Drumline     

Product Reviews              



Cameron Practice Pad 

"You'll being playing on a very tight head, so get the hard if you want the most realistic experience. The more inelastic the collision, the more like the modern Scottish snare."

Jim Kilpatrick Drum Sticks
"I use KP2s. I think they are the most popular brand and model. Better for most people as the diameter and weight are reasonable for most. The bounce is great, but that depends on your pad or head."

Don't forget to submit your own product reviews on our website.
Let other customers know what you thought of the products we offer.



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