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January 2015  

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Last month's survey question:            
If you could choose one Kinnaird product to find in your stocking or Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reedsunder your Christmas tree, what would it be? 

This month's survey question:          

What is your Piping/Drumming related New Year's Resolution?

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Pipe Bands- Ask us for Quotes!

 We are happy to provide quotes for all your piping, drumming & Highland Dress needs.  Quantity discounts are available on most products.

To all of our US customers, now is a great time to stock up on all your piping/drumming needs! Didn't get the gifts you were hoping for this holiday season? Get them now!
The dollar is in your favor!

Ex.: a Deger II Electronic Chanter is $580 CAD, but with the conversion it is currently about $490 USD*!!

Ex.: A set of McCallum AB4 Bagpipes is $1399 CAD for sticks only, which is currently about $1184 USD*!!

*Please note that the exchange rate is constantly changing and exact exchange rate at time of purchase may vary.

Toy Bagpipes are Back in Stock!
Toy Bagpipes 

Upcoming Events

Jan 17-18
Central Florida Scottish Festival & Highland Games

Jan 25 Robbie Burns Day
(don't forget to check for Burns Night events in your area)

Feb 1 St Bridget's Day

Feb 2 Candlemas Day

Feb 6-7 Regina Celtic Festival 

Feb 14 Valentine's Day

Feb 16 Family Day- We will be Closed

See More Upcoming Events in our Events Calendar
Scottish Humor

Video Clip

One of our favorite Scottish Comedians, Danny Bhoy, provides a Visitor's Guide to Scotland


Featured Article 
Don't forget that Valentine's Day is coming up next month!  Order your Celtic Jewellery now to ensure it arrives in time!  We also have many beautiful Heather Gems pendants and brooches in stock.  Give the gift with meaning.


Product Reviews              


Hearing Protection 

 "I recommend these with a couple of caveats:
1) They only offer ~20dB of protection so it still seems a little loud to me Hearing Protectionsometimes -- I prefer a little more protection and as often as not, defer to the 30dB orange foamies -- it is harder to tune but slightly more comfortable.
2) These take a bit of getting used to -- they are tricky to get and to get out! Sometimes they cause a little pain when you fidget with them.
I recommend them but honestly, they are more suited to a quieter instrument and I would say are perfect for playing fiddle -- I use them all the time with that instrument."


"Yes, you can get cheaper ear plugs, but these allow you to hear far more clearly while still reducing the volume. They can be a little tricky to insert, I find I need to grab the top of my ear while inserting these, and it helps if they are moistened before insertion (condensation from a cold beverage is enough). They took a bit of getting used to as they are a little more snug in my ears than some other kinds, but totally worth it for the clarity." 



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