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October 2014 

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Last month's survey question:             
The Scotland Independence Referendum occurs on Thursday Sept 18th.  If you had a vote, what would it be? Should Scotland be an independent country?

Yes, Independent Scotland 48.03%
No, stay part of the United Kingdom 51.98%

(In case you missed it, the result of the actual vote was 55% No and 45% Yes, so Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom.)

This month's survey question:      
Which brand of drums does your Pipe Band use? 

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Upcoming Events

Oct 10-18 Celtic Colours International Festival

Oct 17-19 Stone Mountain Scottish Festival & Highland Games

Oct 18
St Luke's Day

Oct 25
Glenfiddich Piping Championship
Watch it live

Oct 31
Halloween (All Hallow's Eve)

Nov 2
All Soul's Day

Nov 5
Guy Fawkes Day

Nov 11
Remembrance Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be closed

See More Upcoming Events in our Events Calendar
Featured Article 

With Halloween right around the corner, did you know that some of the most famous literary "monsters" have connections to Scotland?

Dracula:  Bram Stoker would frequently visit Cruden Bay.  Slains Castle is said to have been the inspiration for Dracula's castle and the eerie setting helped him to create the now famous character.

Frankenstein:  Dr Frankenstein and the monster pass through Edinburgh on their way to the Orkney Islands.  The author, Mary Shelley, and her husband honeymooned in Edinburgh during a time when body snatching was common and there were also some medical theories about using electricity to reanimate dead tissue. 

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde:  Robert Louis Stevenson would often sit in the empty Greyfriars kirkyard and think, perhaps coming up with his characters.  It is said that he based his story on an 18th century Edinburgh man who was a respected businessman by day and a thief by night.  


Video Clip

Here's ventriloquist Nina Conti with her Scottish Granny

Scottish Humor      


MacDonald was awarded 10,000 pounds for injuries received after a traffic accident and his wife got 2,000 pounds. A friend asked how badly injured his wife had been in the accident. MacDonald replied "Och, she wasn't injured but I had the presence of mind to kick her in the leg before the police arrived."   


We have just received a new shipment of HeatherGem Jewellery.  The image below shows a small sample of the pieces we now have in stock.  Many great new designs are available, so take a look at our website for more options.
Take a look at this video to see how Heathergems are made.

We have a new supplier for Guinness Gear including shirts, hats, barware, signs, & accessories!  We will soon have new stock & special order items can typically be delivered from the supplier within a week.  Most products from our previous supplier will be no longer available. Each product listing from that distributor states what sizes & quantities are left in stock. Get them while they last and take a look at some of the new items we have already posted ! 

We have a few PipeTech tuners in stock at a special price of $114.  This price only applies to the in stock tuners- once the stock is gone, the price goes back up, so get them while they last!

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Product Reviews                   


Adult Starter Kit    Adult starter kit  



"Had my kit about 8 months now, and am almost fully through the National Piping centre's Tutor book. Kinnaird gives you the McCallum Long poly PC with this kit, which is very important to learn on as it matches the pipe chanter hole spacing. 2 hours playing per day, and this tough practice chanter has been beat around and barely shows any wear. It is nicely tuned and sounds almost like a wood chanter (a bit more duck-callish), but I recommend only Walsh practice chanter reeds in it - have tried every other reed out there: the Walsh is the only one in tune and that sounds nice (except for real cane wood practice chanter reeds; can't beat those)."


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