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September 2014 

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Last month's survey question:             
Over 30,000 people attended the World Pipe Band Championships with thousands more watching online. Did you watch them?

-Yes, I watched them live at Glasgow Green 6.5%
-Yes, I watched the Live Stream online 45.5%
-I watched some videos online after it was over 17.1%
-No, I didn't watch them 30.9%

This month's survey question:      

The Scotland Independence Referendum occurs on Thursday Sept 18th.  If you had a vote, what would it be? Should Scotland be an independent country?

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Featured Article 

Be Cautious of eBay Bagpipes


Ebay Pipes  


We have had many sets of bagpipes brought to us for refurbishment. Unfortunately, many o
f those sets have been purchased by someone who saw a "really great price on eBay" and didn't know what they were getting. In most of these cases, what they really have is a wall ornament that can make some noise.
 If you or someone you know are considering purchasing a new set of pipes on eBay to sav
e money, Buyer Beware. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! There are countless stories of people purchasing pipes through auction sites only to receive an inferior product.

There are many sets of Pakistani pipes listed on eBay. These pipes are often made of rosewood or cocus wood, not African Blackwood. You may also find that a set listed as "blackwood" may actually be another type of wood that has been painted black. Pipes from Pakistan are often poor quality. They often require hundreds of dollars worth of additional products and repair to get them playable.


Sometimes, you may find that the picture on the auction listing shows a maker stamp. While this can be a sign that you are receiving a quality set, make sure that you inquire further. A stamp on the chanter does not mean that the whole set is from that maker. Ask for close up images of the full set to ensure that you are getting a matched set of good quality.


Even on a good quality set, be aware that parts may have been replaced or repaired over time and may not be in the original condition. Ask for this information before purchasing.


It's not just Pakistani pipes that are questionable. There are false claims from individuals misrepresenting quality pipe makers. If you do chose to purchase bagpipes on eBay, research your information before hand and make sure the seller will accept the bagpipes back if they do not meet your standards.


Sometimes real treasures can be found on eBay or Kijiji, so don't be discouraged from looking, just be cautious.



If you want to be sure of what you're getting, purchase from a reputable dealer.



See our In Stock Bagpipes
Video Clip

Here's another Bagpipe Flash Mob, this one from Curtin University


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Upcoming Events

Scottish Humor   


The old soldier was reminiscing to his grandchildren about his wartime experiences with the Gordon Highlanders. "Yes, I fought in Africa, Italy and Germany. I fought with Montgomery, I fought with Wavell and I fought with Alexander".
His granddaughter looked up and said "Couldn't you get on with anybody, Grandad?" 


Product Reviews                   McCallum Poly Chanter


 McCallum Poly Band Chanter  


"Our band has been using McCallum pipe chanters for a decade now. The volume we get from players of varying ability is excellent. Well made, very consistent scale, and economical price make it a great choice for bands. Easy to reed, it makes a Pipe Sergeant's life, like mine, a lot easier come time for tuning. Some people with smallish hands find them hard to get used to, but other than that they are foolproof."    





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