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August 2014 

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Last month's survey question:
How often do you practice piping/drumming?

Every Day 41.9%
A few times a week 39.6%
Once a week 9.9%
A few times a month 4.7%
Once a month 1.7%
Less than once a month 2.2%

This month's survey question:      
Over 30,000 people attended the World Pipe Band Championships with thousands more watching online. Did you watch them?

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Featured Article 


Congratulations to the 2014 World Pipe Band Champions Field Marshal Montgomery! 

This is the fourth title in a row for Field Marshal Montgomery, their tenth world title overall, making them the "most successful pipe band of all time in the world". 

The band has been led by Pipe Major Richard Parkes since 1981.

Runners up were Inverary & District Pipe Band with St Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band in third.

Congratulations to all the pipe bands! 


In case you missed it, you can see the performances on the BBC website 

You can also see the FMM reactions as they announce the winner and a few follow up interviews
Upcoming Events

Scottish Humor   


 A Scotsman was offered 500 pounds by an American for his dog and 100 pounds by an Englishman. Everyone who knew him was stunned to discover that he took the offer from the Englishman. He explained,"Well,he can walk back home from England but he'll never manage to swim The Atlantic." 


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Video Clip

Here is Robin Williams' famous Scottish Golf bit.  (Strong Language warning) 

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"Being a very "wet blower", this product has aided my piping greatly. I noticed a huge improvement immediately over other moisture control systems I've tried, and I got used to the extra weight quickly. I can play much longer without worry about wet reeds and having an extra kanister on hand makes for a quick change if necessary."

"Just finished a week of playing with Kanister, and I am impressed. Reduced the moisture in my bag tenfold without affecting volume in my drones. I like that I can easily remove the system for drying. It is a little heavy, so I have to get used to that, but otherwise a great product for wet blowers like myself. Highly recommend it."  


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