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April  2014 

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Last month's survey question:        
Which of these options best describes how you will celebrate St Patrick's Day?
-I don't celebrate it at all 22%
-I might wear a bit of green 27%
-I might drink a pint of green beer 2%
-I might wear some green & drink a few pints of green beer 4%
-I will wear green, drink some green beer, & listen to some Celtic music 27%
-I will wear green, drink green beer & sing & dance the night away to Celtic music 18%

This month's survey question:    
Which type of pipe bag are you currently playing?

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Featured Article   

Tighter Restrictions on Ivory entering the USA

 As of February, there are some tighter restrictions for traveling with your bagpipes that have real ivory. 

According to The League of American Orchestras:  


Many instruments containing African elephant ivory will not be allowed into the U.S., even if a musician is simply returning to the U.S. with instruments in their personal possession, not intended for sale.  

Under the new rules, a musical instrument that contains African elephant ivory may only be brought into the U.S. if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • Was legally acquired prior to February 26, 1976;
  • Has not subsequently been transferred from one person to another person for financial gain or profit since February 26, 1976;
  • The person or group qualifies for a CITES musical instrument certificate; and
  • The musical instrument containing African elephant ivory is accompanied by a valid CITES musical instrument certificate or an equivalent CITES document. 

If a musician purchased an instrument containing African Elephant ivory after 1976, they are not allowed to bring it into the U.S.  Even if it is certified, and even if they are simply returning from an international performance.  


- The passport will only be good for up to 3 years, so it will need to be renewed.

- The certification requirement is not a new one.  They have long been required to obtain a certification before travelling internationally.

- The existing certification requirement is likely to now be enforced much more strictly.


The following information comes directly from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Commercial import of musical instruments containing African elephant ivory will be prohibited. 

Orchestras, professional musicians and similar entities will be allowed to import certain musical instruments containing African elephant ivory if the instruments qualify as pre-Convention and are not destined to be sold. Worked African elephant ivory imported as part of a musical instrument will continue to be allowed provided the worked ivory was legally acquired prior to February 26, 1976; the worked elephant ivory has not subsequently been transferred from one person to another person in pursuit of financial gain or profit; and the item is accompanied by a valid CITES musical instrument passport or CITES traveling exhibition certificate.   


Antique musical instruments made of endangered species that are already in the United States may continue to be sold in interstate commerce without an ESA permit provided the seller can prove the specimen meets the definition of an antique under the ESA.

 For more information, take a look at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website.

Video Clip

Here's a clip of some Beluga Whales enjoying the Smallpipes.

Scottish Humor

'Listen to this Lads', said the man to his mates in the pub. 'Last night when ah wis in here a burglar broke in tae ma hoose.'

'Did he get anyhting?'

'Aye, a broken nose and two teeth knocked oot. The wife thought it wis me commin' in drunk!' 



Thank you for reading our newsletters! Because of you, we have been awarded the 2013 Constant Contact All Star Award.  This is our 5th year in a row of receiving this award that recognizes clients who consistently have high open rates, click through rates, & low bounces, and have regular contact with their audience.

It's time again for our Annual Customer Survey.  We value your feedback and use it to improve various aspects of our website, products, and service.  Each survey completed before April 30th will be entered to win a $100 Gift Certificate.

Mother's Day Promotion

Kinnaird Bagpipes wants your mother to get the gift she deserves this year!  That's why we are offering a discount on Celtic Jewellery from April 11th-May 11th.  Buy 2 items to get 10% off, Buy 3 or more items to get 15% off.

The 12th Annual Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School will take place July 7-13th. The 2014 brochure and application are now available. Get your applications in early to get a discounted rate.

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Upcoming Events

Apr 16 Scottish Poet Ian Stephen will be doing a reading in Saskatoon at 7pm at the Frances Morrison Central Library

Apr 18 Good Friday- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be closed


Recent Reviews             


HBT3 Highland Bagpipe Tuner  

"As a beginner I've only used one tuner, this one, and I find it very useful. It is nice and small and works relatively well. I say relatively because it takes a while to get used to the sensitivity of the needle, even in the less sensitive mode. That said, I leave it on for up to an hour at a time while tuning and taping my chanters and then blowing tunes and it is an excellent reference for your tuning. I think it has improved my playing as it lets me know if I am over or underblowing.

As a beginner, this tuner has allowed to become relatively proficient at setting a reed and tuning it with tape. This pedagogical aspect is well worth the price -- it's a lot more than a standard chromatic but takes the guess work out of tuning. Of special note is the excellent colour change from amber to green when you're tuning -- very handy!

It has an excellent range and I have seen a high G occasionally go into the low 500s with a wonky reed.

It works well on both drones and the chanter but I don't find the included microphone all that useful. It is very sensitive to where you place it.

The buttons and interface are very easy to use -- did I mention the awesome 'green when in tune' feature? It is very simple to use.

All in all, this is a great portable tool for the bagpipe -- I don't know how a beginner piper could get away without something like this -- highly recommended."




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