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February  2014 

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Last month's survey question:        

What is the best part of being in a Pipe Band?

-Having a time & place to practice 17%
-the social aspect 38%
-competitions 3%
-performances 19%
-other (including beer/whisky, achieving "the sound", free supplies, improving skills, the women, respect)  23%

This month's survey question:    

If you could have your choice of any make of bagpipes, what would you choose?

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Featured Article   

2014 is Scotland's Homecoming. Here's a little trivia quiz to see how much you know about Scotland. (correct answers will appear towards the bottom of this email)

1)  What is the capital of Scotland?
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow  
  • Aberdeen 

2) Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland? 

  • St Patrick
  • St Brigid
  • St Andrew 

3) What is the national animal of Scotland? 

  • Griffin
  • Loch Ness Monster
  • Unicorn

4) Which Scottish Battle celebrates its 700th anniversary in 2014? 

  • Battle of Culloden 
  • Battle of Bannockburn
  • Battle of Stirling Bridge

5) Which 3 items make up the "Honours of Scotland", Scotland's Crown Jewels? 

  • Crown, Sword, Necklace
  • Sceptre, Necklace, Sword
  • Sword, Sceptre, Crown 

6) What is the Scottish Gaelic word for "Cheers!"

  • Slainte
  • Failte
  • Gaidhlig


Video Clip

Here's a clip from BBC 1 featuring the Red Hot Chilli Pipers performing a cover of Avicii's "Wake Me Up" turning into C&C Music Factory's "Gonna Make you Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"

Trivia Answers

1) Edinburgh
2) St Andrew
3) Unicorn
4) Battle of Bannockburn
5) Sword, Sceptre, Crown
6) Slainte!


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Upcoming Events
Feb 14 Saskatoon Lasers Swim Club  
Valentine's Ceilidh featuring Back of the Bus

Feb 17
Family Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be Closed


Scottish Humor

MacDonald was awarded 10,000 pounds for injuries received after a traffic accident and his wife got 2,000 pounds. A friend asked how badly injured his wife had been in the accident. MacDonald replied "Och, she wasn't injured but I had the presence of mind to kick her in the leg before the police arrived."

Recent Reviews          

Here are some reviews of our most popular Instruction Books: Starter Kit 


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