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May 2013 

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How many sets of Drone Reeds do you own?

1-2  42%
3-4  37.5%
5 or more  19.1%

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When you see a new piping/drumming product on the market, which are you most likely to do?

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An Evolution of Drone Reeds

Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

Over 10 years ago, Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Drone Reeds were launched. The
original reed design has been hugely
successful, and played by many top
level pipe bands and soloists.  Over 10,500 sets have been sold.  The
Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reed is exactly as the name suggests - an evolution in design from the original reed.

All the great features of the original design are still there -the curved carbon fibre tongue, waterproof glass fibre body, poly nose cone with threaded pitch adjuster, world class air efficiency and moisture resistance. What has evolved is the sound! The Kinnaird Evolution Drone
Reeds have a much brighter and brilliant tenor sound than the original reeds. To complement the changes to the tenor reeds, the bass reed has been  re-designed to be fuller, and more robust. Together you will find that the tenors and bass blend perfectly to give you a truly cane-like experience with a minimal effort.

Similar to the Kinnaird Carbon Fibre Reed, a metal set screw and allen key allows for easy adjustment of tuning height. Pitch adjustment is with the tuning screw in the nose cone.  The o-ring bridle is used to control air flow.  These reeds are extremely air efficient.  They are easy to set-up and offer excellent moisture resistance. 

are now available! Order your set today!

After you've had the chance to test them out, let other pipers know what you think by providing a review on our website listing or post it on our Facebook page!  We'd love to know what you think!

Video Clip

If you're not sure what a Piper's Pal is or how to use it, take a look at our

Piper's Pal video.
Piper's Pal Products 

Scottish Humor


Jock was out working the field when a barnstormer landed.
"I'll give you an airplane ride for 5," said the pilot.
"Sorry, cannae afford it," replied Jock.
"Tell you what," said the pilot, "I'll give you and your wife a free ride if you promise not to yell. Otherwise it'll be 10."
So up they went and the pilot rolled, looped, stalled and did all he could to scare Jock. Nothing worked and the defeated pilot finally landed the plane. Turning around to the rear seat he said, "Gotta hand it to you. For country folk you sure are brave!"
"Aye," said Jock "But ye nearly had me there when the wife fell oot!"

Recent Reviews 

Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

"I have been playing a full set of the new Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds and am absolutely delighted with the entire combination.  In my Naill pipe they are producing a full tonal quality without being overpowering.  The tenors are tuning around the hemp line, resulting in a bright and warm effect.  They balance perfectly with the bass.  The harmonics resulting from the entire combination are quite impressive.  All three reeds are extremely air efficient, and probably require about the same amount of air as a good going set of cane reeds.  They produce a depth and warmth without the undesirable buzz associated with many synthetic reeds.  I am also pleased with their ease of "strike in" and how easy it is to manage an efficient cutoff at the end of a performance.  The efficiency of the reeds allows for amazing tuning stability while performing.  In short, I'm loving these reeds!" - Bob Worrall

"I have played Rob Kinnaird's drone reeds for years in both my sets of Henderson pipes. I thought I had the perfect reed for the perfect instrument. It is hard to improve on perfection, but Rob has done it. Using his engineering background, he has taken a great product and made it a superlative product. By harmonically analyzing the tenor sound, he has been able to enhance the timbre. Not one of us can single out a specific harmonic, but it is obvious that the higher end harmonics are present in the current model. Immediately on inserting the tenor reeds I hear an impressive "new" brightness to the tone quality - something I have never experienced before. They are stable and easily pitched using his unique nosecone screw to set the tenors well up on the hemp line for superior resonance and tuning stability. I experienced a slight increase in volume as well, part due to their perfect match. The bass has been altered slightly to produce a harmonious blend with the tenors. Air efficiency is superb. In fact, these reeds strike in with ease, a feature every piper will enjoy... no fear of early introductions. Cut offs are precise with little need for stoppage plugs.  
I have played these reeds for many hours of enjoyment. Count on me to order another set for my pipes and encourage all my students to do likewise. Well done, Rob.... much appreciated." - Ken Eller


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