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April 2013 

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Last month's survey question:         
If you have ever stopped piping/drumming for a period of time, what was the main reason?
- Didn't have time 35%
- Health Issues 34%
- Didn't Enjoy it anymore 10%
- Too Expensive 1%
- Other (including band politics, military deployment, living arrangements, loss of pipes,  etc.) 29% 

This month's survey question:        

How many sets of Drone Reeds do you own?

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Upcoming Events    

Video Clip

Scottish comedian Danny Bhoy
explores the differences between

Featured Article 


Look your Best in Highland Dress 
The Glengarry ribbons should be wrinkle free and lie flat.  The glengarry is worn with the point in line with the nose, cocked to the right, 1" above the left eyebrow and " above the right eyebrow.

The Shirt should be clean with no wrinkles.  Military pins should be worn on the left pocket overlap on the right personal side.  On Remembrance Day, poppies are to be worn on the personal left side pocket over the heart.

The Tie should be clean and the bottom point should at least touch the top of the kilt or be worn inside the top of the kilt. The top of the pin on the tie-tack should be aligned with the bottom edge of the pocket flap.       


The Kilt closes right apron to left buckle through the hole and fastened to the left buckle.  The left apron to the right fasten the waist and hip buckles, fringed edge and kilt pin to the right. It should come to the centre of your knees and sit well up on your natural waist  When fastening the waist, if the tartan lines pulls, you have it too tight. Let it rest on your hips.  The pleats should be at the back of the kilt.  The hem should just touch the floor when kneeling  

The Belt Buckle should be centered at the front of the body. It is worn firm to the body over the sporran strap, but not through the kilt loops, and should be level from front to back either at the top of the kilt or one finger down from the top edge of the kilt.      

Sporrans should be kept clean and polished.  They should center to the front of the kilt, 3 fingers below the waist belt buckle.  The strap goes through the loops on the back of the kilt.  Drummers will need to wear sporrans to the side while playing, but should move it back to the front of the kilt when not performing.

Kilt pins are worn approximately 4" up and 3" in from the right hand side of the kilt front apron.

Kilt Hose (socks) should be 2-3 fingers below the knee cap with consistent length on the sock's turnover (about 3-4 finger widths).  The outside pattern of the sock should be shown on the turnover.

Flashes should be worn on the outside of the leg, bringing the sock turnover down to cover half of the double loop of the flash.  Iron flat so that they lie flat on the side of the leg.  

The Sgian Dubh is normally worn down the right sock. A left handed person may wear it on the left leg. Only the top inch should show above the sock.  

Brogues should be clean & polished. To tie brogue laces, cross the laces, pull them tight with a simple knot. Twist three times and pull tight again to create a vertical thong. Pass the laces around the back of the ankle and bring them to the front. Tie a normal bow. The remaining lace and toggles should hang to the front.     



Blue Line

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Scottish Humor


How many Scotsmen does it take to change a light bulb?

Och! It's no that dark!

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