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March 2013 

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Last month's survey question:         
What is the number one item that your band needs to upgrade the most (ex. pipes, chanters, drums, kilts, jackets, hose, etc.)? 

Here are the top 10 responses:
1) Kilts
2) Chanters
3) Jackets
4) pipers with more talent/who practice more
5) drums
6) hose
7) drummers
8) drone reeds
9) chanter reeds
10) shirts

This month's survey question:         

If you have ever stopped piping/drumming for a period of time, what was the main reason?

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 Guinness Slainte Shirt
St Patrick's Day is fast approaching! Lots of great new Guinness products are now available.  
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G1 Platinum Chanter Reeds

Bagpiper Cases

We are now also stocking L&M leather belts and buckles, as well as several gift items including quaichs, money clips, jewellery, and novelty items including Instakilts, Jimmy Hats, and Kilted Onesies.

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We are offering Highland Games Sponsorships for Canadian events this year including Trophies and Gift Certificates. 
Contact us for more details or find the sponsorship request form on our Events Page.


Information regarding the 11th Annual Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School is now posted including brochures and application forms.


Scottish Humor


 A Scotsman and Englishman are strolling along the beach when they find a lamp. They clean it up and out pops a genie. "I'll give you each one wish for freeing me" says the genie.

The Englishman thinks then wishes. "I believe in an England for the English, I'm sick and tired of all these Scots coming into MY country. I wish for a huge wall around England - to keep the English in and the Scots out"  POOF and it's done.

The Scotsman thinks. "Genie?" he says "tell me about this wall". "Well" says the genie "it's 500 feet high, a third of a mile thick, nothing can get in and nothing can get out".

"OK" says the Scotsman "Fill it with water".

Upcoming Events    


March 8 Saskatoon Irish Spring Ceilidh


March 8 Mudmen perform at Lydia's Pub in Saskatoon (Check out their website for more tour dates)

March 10 International Bagpipe Day

March 17 St Patrick's Day


March 23-24 Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games


March 29 Good Friday- We will be closed.

March 31 Easter Sunday  




See More Upcoming Events in our Events Calendar


Featured Article


Chanter Reed Tips
Chanter Reeds

Having problems with your chanter reed? Try some of these tips.


If your reed is too hard, the safest thing to do is play it until it softens up. It can take a long time to break it in, but then you don't have to tamper with the reed. Plug up the drones and play as long as you can. It may take a week or so, but eventually you will add the drones in one at a time.

If it's still too hard after a few weeks, you may have to try something else. If you're not using a Piper's Pal, then your reed may be too dry. Dip the reed in water for a second, shake it off, dry it, then play it. Don't soak the reed, and don't lick it! Pinching a reed with your fingers may temporarily ease it. Only pinch towards the top part of the reed to avoid damaging the sound box. Don't overdo it! You can use a tiny rubber band to wrap around the staple (just past the hemping). If none of the other tips work, you can pinch the staple with needle nose pliers (make sure the ends are wrapped so they don't damage the reed). As a last resort, you can scrape the reed. This may change the sound of the reed or could damage the reed beyond use if not done properly. There are many places to avoid scraping (the top strip of the reed, the sound box, etc.) so we don't recommend trying this if you are not a pro)  


If your reed is too soft, pinch the edges to open the reed's mouth. If that doesn't work, moisten it and then pinch the edges. You can use a reed mandril to open up the staple and forces the mouth open. Be sure that you keep the blade symmetrical. As a last resort, you can trim the tip off the reed. This will increase the pitch. Using a sharp blade, slice even small amounts.

See our Chanter Reed listings



Video Clip

Did you see the Instakilts on CBC's "Dragon's Den"?

We are offering 10% off Instakilts until March 10th (International Bagpipe Day). 
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Recent ReviewsMcCallum Practice Chanters 


McCallum Practice Chanter

"Great no-frills practice chanter! Good sound and intonation."

"Great sounding PC at a low price."

"You can trust McCallum.  This is my back-up PC and I love the tone of it! I have the long size and it's better to imitate the size and hole spacing of your pipes chanter." 


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