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February 2013 

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Last month's survey question:         
On average, how many Celtic Events/Highland Games do you attend each year?

0: 5.1%
1-2: 27.2%
3-5: 38.9% 
6 or more: 28.5%

This month's survey question:         

What is the number one item that your band needs to upgrade the most (ex. pipes, chanters, drums, kilts, jackets, hose, etc.)?

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One ring to show our love  
 Only 1 week left until Valentine's Day!! 
We still have some great gifts in stock ready to ship including  4" Quaichs, Instakilts, McCallum AB4 Bagpipes, Guinness Products, and lots of Celtic pendants including Warrior Shield Pendant, Pearl Trinity Pendant, Sphere Trinity Pendant, Clogau Gold Fairy Locket, Elvish Love Pendants (pictured above) and more. 

Pipe Bands- don't forget that we offer quantity discounts on many products. Ask us for a quote!

We are offering Highland Games Sponsorships this year including Trophies and Gift Certificates. 
Contact us for more details or find the sponsorship request form on our Events Page.


Information regarding the 11th Annual Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School is now posted including brochures and application forms.


Video Clip

We came across this video of the Pacific Coast Highlanders and Gold Coast Pipe Band doing a Bagpipe Flash Mob


Scottish Humor


 An American entered a bar and stood beside a Scotsman.
After they had chatted for a while the Scot asked,
"Where are you from?" 
The American replied
"I'm from the finest country in the world." 
The Scot looked skeptical and replied
"Are you? You have a damn funny accent for a Scotsman."

Upcoming Events 


Feb 16 Winnipeg Scottish Festival 

  Feb 16 Edmonton Winter Mini Gathering  

Feb 18 Family day/ Presidents Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be closed. 


Feb 23 Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games & Festival

March 2 Southeast Florida Scottish Festival & Games 



See More Upcoming Events in our Events Calendar


Featured Article

 Kitten in Sporran

This picture was too adorable not to share and it reminded us of an article we wrote years ago called "What's in your sporran?"

"Sporan" is the Gaelic word for purse. Although not initially part of Highland Dress, they have become an integral part of the ensemble. With so many variations available today, it has made a huge transformation from the small purse of deerskin that used to hang at the waist. There are numerous varieties available: Leather sporrans with decorative cantles and tassels; Horsehair for those who like the swish as they march; for the fur lovers, badger, calf, rabbit, muskrat, sealskin, or full mask sporrans. The possibilities seem endless. In fact, our website offers the opportunity to build your own sporran!!!

Many ask the question "what's under your kilt?" but have you ever asked what's in your sporran? For many, it acts as a pocket or a wallet, holding money and car keys, but for some it can hold a lot more. There are many Scots who carry a small flask of whisky in their sporran. Some pipers carry maintenance items in their sporran- hemp, tape, whatever they may need. Historically, a sporran could carry one's food rations for the day. One sporran in the National Museum in Edinburgh has a cantle with 4 concealed pistols! So when choosing your sporran, don't only think about what it looks like, but what you might want to put into it.

Recent Reviews


Want a discount on your next order? Let us know which products worked for you and which ones didn't!

According to our last Annual Survey:
75% of respondents said that reviews effect their purchase decisions.
58.3% said they are likely to offer a review on an exceptional product.
36.9% said they are likely to offer a review on a poor product.
29.7% said they would do reviews for a contest or discount.

So, we are offering 2% discount for every review you provide on our website until Feb 18th.  Provide 5 reviews, get a 10% discount! Provide 10 reviews, get a 20% discount!  (limit of 20% discount per customer). 
Once we receive the reviews, we will send you a Coupon Code to use on your next online order.

All you have to do is find the product and click on "Add Reviews" right under the product title.  You will have to be logged in to the website to add a review.

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