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November 2012

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Last month's survey question:            

As the weather gets colder, how often do you play your pipes/drums compared to during warmer weather? 
Much More 9.0% 

Little Bit More 10.1% 

About the Same 62.6% 

Little Bit Less 11.1%
Much Less  6.0%


This month's survey question:         

If you have pets, how to they react to your piping/drumming?

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Upcoming Events  



November 11 Remembrance Day

Canadapost has provided these holiday mailing deadlines.  At this time of year there can be delays due to weather conditions, customs, and the excess amount of parcels and letters in the mailing system.  Plan ahead to make sure your orders arrive in time: 

Within Canada:

Regular Parcel- Dec 10

Xpresspost- Dec 19


To the USA: 

Airmail- Dec 5
Expedited Parcel- Dec 7
Xpresspost- Dec 15


Airmail- Nov 30
Xpresspost- Dec 3

Please note that Kinnaird Bagpipes will be Closed from Dec 25-Jan 2.  Any orders placed during this time may not ship until we are back in the office Jan 2.



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Scottish Humor


Jock was out working the field when a barnstormer landed. 
"I'll give you an airplane ride for 5," said the pilot. 
"Sorry, cannae afford it," replied Jock. 
"Tell you what," said the pilot, "I'll give you and your wife a free ride if you promise not to yell. Otherwise it'll be 10." 
So up they went and the pilot rolled, looped, stalled and did all he could to scare Jock. Nothing worked and the defeated pilot finally landed the plane. Turning around to the rear seat he said, "Gotta hand it to you. For country folk you sure are brave!" 
"Aye," said Jock "But ye nearly had me there when the wife fell oot!"

 Featured Article


  Pipers in War               

Pipers were present in clan battles nearly 3000 years ago and continue to be present in war today. There were pipers in both World Wars, the Gulf War, Desert Storm, the Boer War and more. 


The pipes were used as an incentive to battle, motivation for the troops, and intimidation of the enemy. They celebrated victories and mourned the fallen. Drums were used as a motivation and for communication. They signaled orders, tactical maneuvers, and firing of weapons. 


Pipers were not only soldiers, but morale boosters. Thousands of pipers died while playing their men into battle, as they could not carry a weapon and their pipes at the same time. This was a great act of bravery.


During the First World War, Canada sent overseas between 25 and 30 pipe bands. In many instances, unarmed pipers were the first "over the top" as they led the troops into several battles including Vimy Ridge.  They were also sent in as "stretch-bearers" to retrieve the wounded and dead. They also often acted as "runners", bringing more ammunition and rations to the trenches or as transport individuals. 


Many Pipers were decorated for valor including Military Medals and Distinguished Conduct Medals. James Richardson, a piper for the 16th Battalion, was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest honor of gallantry.


When they weren't out in battle, there were several piping tournaments held behind the lines.  On Dominion Day 1918, a Highland Gathering with all available pipe bands in the Allied Forces was attended by well over 500. After the final cease fire sounded, the pipes led the Canadian troops into Mons. 


During the Second World War, Highland Regiments were allowed to take 6 pipers overseas, but many medical orderlies and clerks of the highland units were also pipers. Again, the pipers doubled as stretcher bearers and provided first aid to the wounded. After many battles including Dieppe in 1942, many pipers were killed due to the risk of snipers and heavy machine gun fire while trying to attend the wounded. Some were also incarcerated by the Germans.  Many units decided to keep their pipers back and out of direct fire.  It was easier to find more medical orderlies than pipers. 



"Lament for the Fallen Heroes" was written by John McIlroy, founder and First Pipe Major of the Panama City Pipes and Drums.  It was originally written for Bay County Sheriff's Department in memory of those who died in the line of duty, but I think it also applies to all those who fought and died in the Wars. Thanks to Patti McIlroy for sending it to us.
Video Clip

  Remembrance Day   Flanders Field 

This clip features the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards performing   

Here's a second clip of Willie McCallum performing The Bloody Fields of Flanders.

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