Newsletter June 2016

The Final Term of the Academic Year - at last!

The frenzy of exams is nearly over and the end-of-academic-year stress is appeased by warmer days and extra daylight, as well as the anticipation of summer holidays.

In your planning for next year, remember to build in time to teach your students mental health and wellbeing; without these, all the exams in the world are worthless. And, most importantly, remember to build in time to maintain and develop your mental health and wellbeing as well!

A taste of things to come...


VisionWorks for Schools - another FREE download. Hooray! 

With recent advances in neuroscience, our understanding of brain development is increasing rapidly. However we don't have to be an expert to know that there are things that any of us can do to increase our own wellbeing.

In our next free download we explore what good mental health looks like and offer suggestions for tackling clinical depression; something that is affecting an increasing number of teenagers.

We'll send you the link in a couple of weeks.

Optimus Education SEND Conference in London

VisionWorks delivered a breakout workshop at their May conference, offering emotional well-being tools and techniques to support students with Special Educational Needs and Disability in mainstream education. It was inspiring to see how schools are committed to fully including all students into their curriculum and their pastoral setting. Full inclusion is always challenging and often rewarding, especially when underpinned by staff who understand the emotional intelligence skills involved.

Mindful Emotion Coaching in Action    null

On May 25th I attended the Somerset County Wide Network Meeting for Mindful Emotion Coaching in Ilminster organised by Dr Sarah Temple.  Teachers and parents, from various pockets of the county, who had been taught the skills of Emotion Coaching and subsequently had been teaching them to others, arrived to share their experiences. Over 70 people came to speak and/or listen. It was one of the most positive meetings I have ever attended. We heard numerous success stories where parents had been re-empowered; where students had grown in confidence; where people were addressing old trauma. Bit by bit, they are transforming the county.


And online....

Following on from a successful "Tuning into Kids" course earlier this year, a couple of the attendees decided to use the power of social media to provide platforms for ongoing sharing and support network to all those involved.

A Facebook group has been established and has quickly grown to over 240 members. Mindful Emotion Coaching Our Children provides daily posts and supportive conversations for those moments when 'it's just tough' or to 'celebrate a breakthrough'. A Pinterest group "Mindful Emotion Coaching" has also been set up to share and store helpful resources. We welcome new members, both parents and/or professionals to join us on facebook or follow us on Pinterest if you feel that it would be beneficial to you.

 The Lighthouse School in Kent

This small specialist school is dedicated to offering a personalized therapeutic learning program for students unable to access mainstream education. Last month I trained staff in Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience for students and of course for themselves as well. Feedback included, 'I could have listened to her all day', and 'A fascinating insight into the teenage brain.'

Whatever your setting, we offer staff training which gives a framework for positive mental health for all. Click here for our staff training page.

Extra Ideas Anyone?

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