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Attention Ag Leader ParaDyme or GeoSteer owners that are also Glonass unlocked
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Planning New Grain Storage System: Important Things to Consider
Why Join an HTS Ag Grower Peer Group
Your Application Questions Answered
The Future of Grain Storage Management Is Here
What If You Had a Wider N Application Window?
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The Future of Grain Storage Management Is Here

OPI introduces OPI Blue
Now you can access critical grain storage information wherever you work, live or play with a wireless system that delivers timely grain storage information to your smartphone or tablet.

With its super-simple connection to temperature and moisture cables, OPI Blue is a great fit for both new and retrofit applications. OPI Blue has the ability to grow with you over time with the number of bins monitored and the incorporation of automated fan control. OPI
Blue represents a simple and scalable grain storage management.

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What If You Had a Wider N Application Window?

Corn uses 75% of the nitrogen it needs after V10 stage. The trick is getting corn the N it needs when it's needed most. Traditional side-dress methods limit your application
window — to only about 14 days after emergence. Miss it, and your corn won't reach its full yield potential.

Now there's a way extend your window for late-season N application. 360 Y-DROP gives you more flexibility in application timing to apply N between V6 and VT. So you can feed your crop when it needs N most. And, with precision placement within two to three inches of the stalk base, you can help maximize plant uptake. Come harvest, that means more efficient use of inputs, a better bottom line and capturing more yield potential.

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Clearance Corner!

Direct Command Custom Kit for 2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50
AG Sprayer Kit- Direct command (2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50)

Price: $1,622.00

Attention Ag Leader ParaDyme or GeoSteer owners that are also Glonass unlocked
Attention Ag Leader ParaDyme or GeoSteer owners that are also Glonass unlocked: We wanted to let you know about an update that occurred to the GPS system. On June 30th, 2015, a positive leap second was added to the Universal Time Clock (UTC) for GNSS. Adding this leap second will align the Universal Time Clock with the Atomic Time Clock, eliminating error caused by the changing rotation of the Earth. This Leap Second update has caused affected Paradyme/Geosteer systems that are Glonass unlocked, to not acquire differential GPS properly. Ag Leader has released firmware that fixes the problem. Your Paradyme/Geosteer system WILL NOT function until this firmware is installed. As with all integrated steering firmware, this firmware is only available to Ag Leader dealers.

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HTS Ag Special Limited Offers
Display Trade In Program

Any WORKING Ag Leader display with an autoswath unlock (Insight, Edge, or Versa) qualifies for a $1,000 credit towards the purchase of an Integra that we have in stock. Not valid with any other discounts, offer good while supplies last. Trade in display must be returned to HTS Ag within 15 days of purchase or no credit will be issued.

Hydraulic Down Force

Any complete hydraulic down force system will qualify for half off installation for a limited time. Not valid with any other discounts.

Contact the HTS Ag Team for details about other special offers that are available through the end of July.
Planning New Grain Storage System: Important Things to Consider
used with permission from OPI-Integris
by Chandra B. Singh, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Ron Larson, M.Sc.

Grain is typically harvested at high moisture content. Grain stored at high moisture in combination with high temperature is at the greatest risk of spoilage whereas cold and dry grain can be safely stored for longer period. Mold growth is prohibited if relative humidity (RH) is below 70% corresponding to 14-15% moisture content in cereal grains and 9-10% in oil seeds. Therefore grains should be dried to this moisture range, aerated, and monitored continuously for long term safe storage. In-bin natural air drying/aeration system utilizes the natural air for drying and cooling of grain for safe long term storage. It is important to understand some important factors that greatly affect the success of in-bin natural air drying/aeration. Improperly designed drying/aeration systems may consume excessive energy, delay the drying/aeration, or fail in reaching the desired objective leading to the grain spoilage and quality and quantity losses. Following factors should be considered when planning to build a new grain storage system.

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Why Join an HTS Ag Grower Peer Group
by Terry Johnston, HTS Ag

Being a business owner in any industry has its challenges, but farmers can often feel like they are on an island with no one to share their thoughts with. Many growers don't feel comfortable sharing their challenges, opportunities or successes with their neighbors because of their competitive nature and independent mindset. Joining a peer group is an effective way for farmers to share in confidence and sharpen personal and business skills.

HTS Ag is forming Grower Peer Groups to provide a forum for open sharing. These groups are made of like-minded growers who meet quarterly to network and discuss issues specific to each member's concerns. These members are serious about implementing a model for success in their businesses through collaboration and sharing best practices. These groups provide opportunities to share, learn and grow with top-notch producers that are not competitors.

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Your Application Questions Answered
by Andrew Pierce, Ag Leader

Now that planting season is winding down, spraying season is starting to pick up. Here are several tips for troubleshooting your system as you begin spraying this summer.

What if my boom sections are turning on/off too early or too late?

The first step is to verify the application offset is measured and entered into the display accurately. The second step is to adjust the look-ahead settings. The look-ahead values are how far the system looks ahead to turn sections on or off. The values should only be changed by 0.1s at one time.

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