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The Importance of Managing Your Data and Keeping It Secure
Managing Stored Grain During Summer
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After Hours Support for Service Plans

One of the benefits of being an HTS Ag Service Plan Customer is access to after-hours support.

Service Plan Customer Support is given 7am to 10pm Monday through Saturday and Noon to 6pm on Sunday.

If you are not a Service Plan Customer, billable phone support at $125.00 per hour is available during regular business hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.

Non Service Plan after hours support, 5pm to 10pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 7am to 10pm and Sunday Noon to 6pm, will be billable at $250.00 per hour.
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Direct Command Custom Kit for 2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50
AG Sprayer Kit- Direct command (2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50)

Price: $1,622.00

HTS Ag Special Limited Offers
Display Trade In Program

Any WORKING Ag Leader display with an autoswath unlock (Insight, Edge, or Versa) qualifies for a $1,000 credit towards the purchase of an Integra that we have in stock. Not valid with any other discounts, offer good while supplies last. Trade in display must be returned to HTS Ag within 15 days of purchase or no credit will be issued.

Hydraulic Down Force

Any complete hydraulic down force system will qualify for half off installation for a limited time. Not valid with any other discounts.

Contact the HTS Ag Team for details about other special offers that are available through the end of June.
The Importance of Managing Your Data and Keeping It Secure — Tips to Avoid Data Loss
by Adam Gittins, HTS Ag

With planting season now upon us, it is the time of year to be thinking about the data that you are collecting as you go across the field, as it becomes increasingly important each year to make management decisions from. I was asked a while back what I thought was the most important data to collect from the field, which is not a short answer, but I'll give it a run.

Each and every pass across the field has value, even tillage passes. It becomes especially important data if you only treat part of a field or only some fields a certain way. For example, if you run a field cultivator or vertical tillage machine on part of a field or only on some of your acres, capturing that data may be more valuable than data from your sprayer (for comparison sake) if you treat every acre with the same chemical program. You may be able to hone in on a yield advantage from what you did in the field, or maybe even from what you didn't do. . .
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Managing Stored Grain During Summer
used with permission from OPI-Integris
by Chandra B. Singh, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Ron Larson, M.Sc.

If you are planning to store grain over the summer months, ensure that it is monitored frequently, irrespective of the grain moisture levels. Even if the grain is dried to safe moisture levels, it may develop hotspots due to condensation by air convection currents.

High moisture grain is not recommended for summer storage since the high grain moisture, in combination with high temperature, can cause it to spoil quickly. The best practice is to dry high moisture grain before winter or early in the spring. The storability of grain during summer depends on the initial conditions of the harvested grain, postharvest management steps (drying/aeration), grain conditions (temperature and moisture) and time consumed in completing each step; since the grain storage period is cumulative.

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