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New Firmware Has Been Released by Ag Leader
Data Plans for GPS 6500 Units with a Rover Bundle
AutoSteer - Luxury or Valuable Tool?
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AutoSteer - Luxury or Valuable Tool?
by Adam Gittins

On this foggy overcast morning late in March, I'm sure that some of the same thoughts are racing through my mind as what many other farmers are experiencing - mostly a mile long list of things to get done before planting, and in a flash spring fieldwork will be done and over like every other year. I was lucky enough to get a small window of field work in on my farm before the rain this week, and got some dry fertilizer spread. I will say I was very thankful to have an autosteer system while performing this task especially, since it is always so hard to tell how far away from the previous pass you are, and overlap can become quite costly with fertilizer prices not sliding back even though the commodity prices have diminished considerably over the last couple of years.

This got me thinking about my investment in autosteer for my farm, and all of the impacts of it. I asked myself the question, is this system just a luxury item, or is it actually a tool that is saving money and improving efficiency? Let's look into this for my operation and break it down.

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Clearance Corner!

Direct Command Custom Kit for 2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50
AG Sprayer Kit- Direct command (2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50)

Price: $1,622.00

Meet Our New Employees
Alex Boysen is our new Associate Advisor in the Harlan office. Alex went to high school in Harlan and graduated from Kirkwood Community college in 2011 with an Ag GPS Technology degree. He has lived and worked on his family farm his whole life and had been farming for himself since he graduated from college. In his spare time Alex enjoys hunting, fishing and being in the outdoors. Alex is a valuable addition to the HTS Ag team.

The new Administrative Assistant in the Harlan office is Audrey Boeck. Audrey comes to us from Brayton, Iowa where she grew up on a farm raising miniature donkeys. She has two little girls and a third child if you count her Great Dane puppy! Audrey and her family enjoy outside activities and love going camping and fishing. When she has time, Audrey likes to tackle her list of rustic pinterest projects. Her background is in nursing and transportation, but she is excited to start something new. We are happy to welcome Audrey to HTS Ag.
After Hours Support for Service Plan Customers
One of the benefits of being an HTS Ag Service Plan Customer is access to after-hours support. Service Plan Customer Support is given 7am to 10pm Monday through Saturday and Noon to 6pm on Sunday. If you are not a Service Plan Customer, billable phone support at $125.00 per hour is available during regular business hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Non Service Plan after hours support, 5pm to 10pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 7am to 10pm and Sunday Noon to 6pm, will be billable at $250.00 per hour.
New Firmware Has Been Released by Ag Leader
Ag Leader has released new firmware versions of several products for Spring 2015. The following products have been updated and are linked to the downloads page on the Knowledgebase. There you will find the download file and the release notes.


It's also worth noting that Integra v6.3 is needed to update the GPS6500 & Relays as well. Read the GPS 6500 & Relay Notes and follow instructions carefully and in the correct order.

Integra v6.3 (Release Notes Here)
Versa v6.3
Compass v6.3

AutoFarm Displays

GPS 6500 v6.61 (Release Notes Here)
Relay v1.02
Data Plans for GPS 6500 Units with a Rover Bundle
by HTS Ag

With the new GPS 6500's there has been a lot of questions about how to activate the cell plan when you buy a Rover Bundle with the GPS 6500. The CDMA Rover Bundle is specifically for use with Verizon. There is also a GSM Rover Bundle that is specifically for use with AT & T.

The vendor recommends that we work with the data activation center, phone number 866-966-8881, website www.dataactivationcenter.com

Before you call or go online, you will need your MEID number that is located on the receiver at the bottom. I have put a business activation template and a personal activation template below for information that they may need to do your activation. Also located below are activation instructions for both the GSM (AT & T) and CDMA (Verizon) Relay Activations.

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