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Ag Leader Announces New ISOBUS Liquid Control Module
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Ag Leader Announces New ISOBUS Liquid Control Module
by Sam Worley, Ag Leader

Ames, Iowa, December 18, 2014 – Ag Leader Technology announced today that it is expanding its ISOBUS offerings with a new Liquid Control Module that works with Ag Leader displays, as well as other brands of ISOBUS compatible displays.

The module is configurable for the user’s choice of sprayer, liquid fertilizer, anhydrous and manure application with features and interactive controls optimized specific to each of those equipment types.

“Our Liquid Control Module is compatible with ISOBUS standards for virtual terminal and task control,” explained John Howard, Ag Leader’s DirectCommand Product Manager. “This functionality allows using the system with other brands of virtual terminal/task control compatible displays.”

Physical components of the system are a rate control ECU, one or more boom section control ECUs and an auxiliary input switch console that is designed specifically to meet liquid application control requirements.

Features of the system include:

Easy-to-use, structured methods to calibrate the flow, pressure and ground speed sensors that are critical to accurate system performance.

Continuous monitoring of the relationship between product flow rates and system pressure. This permits early detection and warning in event of a sensor failing or drifting off previously calibrated baselines.

Settings to automate boom prime and maintain a standby pressure to ensure accurate product flow rates without lag in performance after initial machine fill and every time boom is cycled on/off/on turning around at field headlands.

Supports up to 24 boom sections for less overlap of product application. (Additional sections supported in the future.)

The ISOBUS Liquid Control Module will be available to the North American market in early 2015. Visit agleader.com to locate a dealer.
Clearance Corner!

Field Hub Kit, verizon

SlingShot Field Hub Kit, Verizon- 117-0171-304 with Field Hub to Trimble AgGPS FmX Interface Cable - 115-0171-913

Price: $1,500.00

Direct Command Custom Kit for 2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50
AG Sprayer Kit- Direct command (2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50)

Price: $1,622.00

Meet Our New Employees
Dustin Muell is our new technician working out of the Harlan office. Dustin grew up on a family farm just outside of Panama, Iowa, where they raise cattle and row crop corn and soybeans.

He is a 2011 graduate of Harlan High School and graduated from Iowa State University in December 2014 with a degree in Agricultural Systems Technology.

In his spare time, Dustin likes to farm, ride four wheelers and snowmobiles, hunt and fish. We are excited to have Dustin in our Harlan office, he will be a great asset to our team.

Kaleb McBurney is our 2015 spring intern based in our Ames office. Kaleb comes to us from Iowa State University where he is a senior majoring in Agricultural Systems Technology. He previously attended Kirkwood Community College where he obtained an Ag GPS/GIS degree.

Kaleb is originally from Toddville, Iowa where he grew up farming row crops and raising cattle on his small family farm. In his spare time Kaleb likes to hunt.

He also attends trainings, meetings and calls as a part of the Monroe Township Fire Department.
HTS Ag Partners with Beck's Hybrids
Harlan, IA — HTS Ag is pleased to announce that it has added Beck’s Hybrids extensive seed line-up and services to its customer offerings. Beck’s offers a variety of seed choices including, GMO and non-GMO corn and soybeans, as well as alfalfa and forages. Beck’s Hybrids accesses the best genetics and technologies from suppliers worldwide to fit growers’ needs and preferences and provides the genetic diversity and trait protection they need. This competitive advantage allows HTS Ag to work with growers to focus on solutions rather than spending time shopping with multiple seed companies.

Beck’s has been testing and evaluating corn hybrids in Iowa to supply farmers with high-yielding products that are designed for their soils since 2007. Through their extensive and rigorous selection process, Beck’s has produced new and impressive corn and soybean products. In addition to their Mount Pleasant, Iowa, facility, Beck’s also has a corn breeding and research facility near Marshalltown, Iowa. In 2014, Beck’s tested around 3,000 hybrids at 11 locations in Iowa.

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Ag Leader Introduces AgFiniti Map View
by Ag Leader

Ames, Iowa, January 13, 2015 – Ag Leader Technology, Inc., a premium provider of precision agriculture hardware and software, today announced a no cost supplemental feature called Map View, for the AgFiniti® cloud-based platform. AgFiniti Map View will be used in conjunction with SMSTM Basic and Advanced desktop software programs and AgFiniti to allow maps, field statistics and other data to be viewed on any web enabled device such as tablets, laptops and phones, accessible from any location. Map View will also allow the user to view their current location and compare statistics relevant to that GPS location while in the field, when used on compatible devices.

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Ag Leader's New ISO Downforce System
by Nick Hageman, Ag Leader

Ag Leader is coming out with some exciting new products for 2015. One of the most talked about is the new ISO down force system. The new ISO downforce is very similar to the previous style in terms of how it controls the row units, but there are enhancements that help the system be more precise. Also we have the option to control the ISO downforce system with more displays than the Ag Leader® Integra.

This is one product that will ensure your planter is achieving its target planting depth. With a more uniform emergence and proper early development of the root system, yields can be greatly improved.

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Watch Your Grain - You May Have a Hotspot
used with permission from OPI-Integris
by Chandra B. Singh, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Ron Larson, M.Sc.

OPI-IntegrisYYou may have dried and cooled your grain for safe winter storage; however, the spoilage risk for stored grain is always present. If the stored grain is exposed to extreme initial storage conditions such as high moisture and/or temperature for a significant period before drying, or if the grain contains a high percentage of fines, broken and immature kernels, the spoilage risk is even greater.

During the winter months we often pay less attention to our stored commodities, thinking that our grain is safer during winter months. However, grain temperature may rise significantly due to heat generated by the respiration of grain. The respiration also produces moisture, which accumulates on the surface of the grain, and often results in mold growth. Mold growth further accelerates the heating and moisture accumulation leading to sprouting, crusting, germination loss, significant grain spoilage, and mycotoxin development.

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