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Ag Leader Announces Hydraulic Down Force 8-Section Control
6 Simple Steps to Prepare SMS for Harvest
Tips From Tech: 2014 Pre-Harvest Prep
Managing Your 2014 Harvest Crop
Harvest Configurations or Calibrations
Ag Leader Announces OnTrac3 Assisted Steering Systems
Capture Yield In Full Circle
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Ag Leader Announces OnTrac3 Assisted Steering Systems
by Ag Leader

AMES, IOWA, August 1, 2014 – Ag Leader Technology today introduced its latest assisted steering system: OnTrac3. The newly designed OnTrac3 represents the next generation of the company’s assisted steering system and features a number of improvements to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and the Mechanical Drive Unit (MDU).

key update to Ag Leader’s assisted steering platform is the addition of an auto-calibration procedure. Through auto-calibration, OnTrac3 provides a simple and streamlined approach to vehicle tuning and calibration.

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Capture Yield In Full Circle
By Aimee Cope, Farm Journal Multimedia Machinery and Crop Editor

A system designed to listen and respond to plant needs

In a perfect world—with ideal growing conditions—today’s seed corn genetics can produce a whopping 500 bu. per acre. With the average corn yield in 2013 at 158 bu. per acre, the question lingers: How do we capture the other 346 bu.?

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Clearance Corner!

Field Hub Kit, verizon

SlingShot Field Hub Kit, Verizon- 117-0171-304 with Field Hub to Trimble AgGPS FmX Interface Cable - 115-0171-913

Price: $1,500.00

Direct Command Custom Kit for 2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50
AG Sprayer Kit- Direct command (2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50)

Price: $1,622.00

Ag Leader Announces Hydraulic Down Force
8-Section Control
by Ag Leader

Ag Leader Technology today announced Hydraulic Down Force 8-Section Control for planters. The addition of 8-Section Control adds several new features to the company's Hydraulic Down Force System.

Row-by-row sensing allows the system to monitor and respond to the down force needs of each row, in order to account for frequent variations in field depth. The system also adds greater flexibility with up to eight sections of control and multiple configurations available.

"More sections of control and row-by-row sensing are two factors that play heavily into improving plant emergence and root development," says Roger Zielke, Product Manager. "By sensing with more precision and offering more sections, the Hydraulic Down Force System is better able to recognize variations in field conditions and respond by planting seed at the proper depth."

The system also features a unique stress minimizing accumulator, which acts as a cushion to prevent unnecessary stress to the row unit.

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6 Simple Steps to Prepare SMS for Harvest
by Ag Leader

It's hard to believe that August is already here. For those of us on the support team that means it's time to start thinking about what customers are going to need to know before harvest season starts. Here are 6 simple steps that you can do now in your SMS software before heading out to the field.

1) Create a backup

This is one of the most important steps and is often the one that gets skipped or overlooked. It is critical to make a backup before updating your software or making any big changes in the software. Backups will ensure that you have a starting point to go back to and that you won’t lose your valuable precision ag data if your computer crashes. To make a backup, simply go to Services and Backup/Restore Projects.

2) Update SMS

As new precision ag displays come to market or new firmware is released, display file formats will change. This means you will need to be running the latest version of SMS desktop software in order to read in those files. The current version of SMS Basic/Advanced is Version 14.5. If you have registered online in the past, you can update by going to Help – Check for Updates. Otherwise you can download 14.5 manually from our website.

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Tips From Tech: 2014 Pre-Harvest Prep
by Nick Hageman, Ag Leader

It wasn't long ago the focus was on getting the crops planted, fertilized, and sprayed. Hopefully the hard work is paying off and yields are looking good for the fall. With cost of inputs remaining high and a dip in most crop prices, it is very crucial to know what practices were successful and which did not have a good return on investment. Most growers that have diverse operations are curious on where the best yields are so they can know which seed, chemicals, and fertilizers worked best for their operation. By having the Ag Leader yield monitoring systems calibrated and ready for fall, growers will be able to know which practices made the most money.

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Managing Your 2014 Harvest Crop
used with permission from OPI-Integris
by Chandra B. Singh, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Ron Larson, M.Sc.

The forecast for a bumper crop and delayed maturing of corn and soybean this year in the US poses a big challenge for storing and managing the grain. There are also increased concerns of frost-damage in some areas due to delayed maturity, but the risk is lower compared to weather-damage that occurred in 2009. Because of this year’s late maturity and cooler and humid ambient conditions, the field drying is expected to be slow requiring grain to be harvested at higher moisture than usual. Proper grain handling and management will be required for safe winter holding, and the following factors should be considered in selecting a grain management strategy.

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Harvest Configurations or Calibrations
For a quick refresher on how to complete Harvest Configurations or Calibrations, visit the Ag Leader Technology's YouTube page to see short video tutorials. Follow this link to watch the videos.

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