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New GeoSteer and ParaDyme Firmware Release Notes
Planning New Grain Storage System
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Hardware's Spring Checklist for Successful Planting
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RTK Reminder

If you have a GeoSteer or a ParaDyme that is RTK unlocked, make sure you have renewed your cell subscription. Call HTS Ag at 1-800-741-3305 to get that renewed today!
GLONASS Unlock Discounted for a Limited Time

Effective immediately, the price of the GLONASS unlock for both the ParaDyme and GeoSteer will be discounted to $500 from the regular price of $1,750. This promotional pricing is available thru June 30, 2014.

This unlock gives your GeoSteer or ParaDyme the ability to track the Russian satellite system, providing additional satellites in view along tree lines or other places where signal can be an issue. It will improve the number of satellites available with your RTK ParaDyme, and will improve the GeoSteer when running either RTK or Omnistar.
After Hours Support for Service Plan Customers

One of the benefits of being an HTS Ag Service Plan Customer is access to after-hours support. Service Plan Customer Support is given 7am to 10pm Monday through Saturday and Noon to 6pm on Sunday. If you are not a Service Plan Customer, billable phone support is available during regular business hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
Clearance Corner!

Field Hub Kit, verizon

SlingShot Field Hub Kit, Verizon- 117-0171-304 with Field Hub to Trimble AgGPS FmX Interface Cable - 115-0171-913

Price: $1,500.00

Direct Command Custom Kit for 2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50
AG Sprayer Kit- Direct command (2007 and Newer Spracoupe 7X50)

Price: $1,622.00

New GeoSteer and ParaDyme Firmware Release Notes
Ag Leader has released new firmware for both the GeoSteer and ParaDyme. Check out this information about the features and improvements in these versions.
Ag Leader GeoSteer v1.10.28481 Firmware Release Notes Ag Leader Paradyme v3.4.28529 Firmware Release Notes

Planning New Grain Storage System: Important Things to Consider

used with permission from OPI-Integris
by Chandra B. Singh, Ph.D., P.Eng. and Ron Larson, M.Sc.

OPI-IntegrisGrain is typically harvested at high moisture content. Grain stored at high moisture in combination with high temperature is at the greatest risk of spoilage whereas cold and dry grain can be safely stored for longer period. Mold growth is prohibited if relative humidity (RH) is below 70% corresponding to 14-15% moisture content in cereal grains and 9-10% in oil seeds. Therefore grains should be dried to this moisture range, aerated, and monitored continuously for long term safe storage. In-bin natural air drying/aeration system utilizes the natural air for drying and cooling of grain for safe long term storage. It is important to understand some important factors that greatly affect the success of in-bin natural air drying/aeration. Improperly designed drying/aeration systems may consume excessive energy, delay the drying/aeration, or fail in reaching the desired objective leading to the grain spoilage and quality and quantity losses. Following factors should be considered when planning to build a new grain storage system.

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Build Your Complete Package Before It's Too Late!

offer by AgLeader

A good deal comes around only so often. Thatís why we make it a point to ensure our deals equip you with the best tools to take your precision ag operation to the next level for years to come. Find a dealer near you to take advantage of this special event before itís too late.

Financing on All Equipment
Trade up to ParaDyme or GeoSteer
Buy 3, Get 1 Free Base Stations
& Leasing Program

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Hardware's Spring Checklist for Successful Planting

by Sam Worley, AgLeader

Although spring hasnít fully arrived here in Ames, the polar vortex days are thankfully behind us. That means weíre all getting antsy for the warm, sunny days of May. Until then, this would be the ideal time for pulling the planter out of the shed to ensure your planting setup is ready for trouble-free field operation.

The first step will be powering on your display to manage data, update firmware and create a backup. Be sure the Grower, Farm, and Field information is current; add your varieties for the upcoming year into your product list, and delete any unused data. We recommend making sure the harvest data from 2013 has been successfully imported into your software program as well. Finally, load your planting configuration to the run screen to verify all modules located on the planter are communicating with the display.

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