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Happy Holidays from Smuggs

As part of their new  "Women's Weekly Clinics"  Amy Magyar will be offering the opportunity for you to work on-hill with her and enjoy a Vermont style mountain toast too!
Saturdays at 10am.

Self Mastery for the Solopreneur

February 7th from 4:00-6:00 PM  Burlington, VT  

$20 pre-registered

$25 at the door 

Facilitated by Daniel Little   


Managing in half the time: how to lead for full engagement

February 21st from 4:30-6:00  

Burlington, VT  

$20 pre-registered

$25 at the door  

Led by Cecile Green  


Catch Marie Frohlich at these events:
Vermont Women in Higher Education Conference
"Pearls of Wisdom" Killington Grand Resort,  Killington, VT
March 21nd and 22rd     
Worksite Wellness Conference 
March 27th  
"Spirit in Business" 
Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center 8-4pm

Vital Wellness Resources for you

  Watch Charlie Nardozzi on WCAX:

 How to take care of those holiday plants...

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Featured Article
Amy Magyar
An Exercise Program for your Change Muscle

Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer? Look no further than exercise. The health benefits of regular physical activity are hard to ignore.


But let's address the most forgotten and underdeveloped muscle in our bodies. This muscle is often our weakest muscle but one of the most important muscles we could strengthen. So while you are making resolutions to get into shape in 2013, don't forget to include exercising your "Change Muscle"!


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January Newsletter
Greetings!       Let's be in synch in 2013!

Liz Dallas
Liz Dallas, Executive Director
I kicked off the New Year by being connected to young, aspiring family business students from 20 plus nationalities, making up 16 teams that represented some of the world's top international family business programs. Hosted by the UVM's School of Business and the Family Business Initiative at UVM, this premier event was an eye-opener for me.  Over the course of 4 days, I was one of more than 70 judges who offered their expertise to both assess skills and constructive feedback to students who competed in the first every Global Case Competition.  The aha for me was realizing the power and excitement of synergy between business leaders, educators, advisors working interdependently for the sake of the next generation.  This was a rich, well-organized and fruitful event that allowed room for important conversation that wouldn't have happened otherwise.  Part of doing business better is to create a sustainable learning environment that makes it effortless for us to explore, create, experiment, and repeat.  For 2013, I invite you to create that environment and observe the impact!

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Vital Business
Lea Belair newsletter editor
Lea Belair, Director of Coaching and Training
2013 is Here. Are We Ready?

Well, since we're all still here after December 21st 2012 (wink, wink), what do we have to look forward to that will make our businesses and business life more Vital?

As a member of the World Future Society, I read their "8 Shocking Quotes from 2012 that will Redefine our Future". Two that caught my eye were:
  • "By 2030 over 2 billion jobs will disappear." -   Futurist Thomas Frey, author of Communicating with the Future 
  • "Not only can anyone be an entrepreneur, but they must be." - Reid Hoffman, co-founder and executive chairman of LinkedIn Corporation, and author of The Startup of You.
Putting these two together makes sense if you think about how you can make what you do more of an entrepreneurial venture vs. a job. My son, when he was a teenager in the 1990's spoke some words of wisdom to me. He said, "I'm not going to college to get a job, I'm going there to get skills." If we look at jobs and business in terms of furthering skill sets and innovating our offerings to our customers we're more likely to land on our feet in light of the rapidly changing economic landscape.

Here's to a happy and prosperous 2013 for you and our business community!

You can read more of Lea Belair's thoughts and insights on change and innovation by subscribing to the Vital Business blog
Vital Education
Deb Chisholm
Deb Chisholm, Team Lead for Vital Education

Innovation can be learned.

Innovation can be sustained.

Innovation can become a way of life.


Real 21st Century learning engages students in a process of "exploring, envisioning, and enacting", an environment in which failure is expected and encouraged because in-depth envisioning and enacting will not occur with fear of failure present. The learning process is the focus in 21st Century learning environments, not the end product (grades).


In his article, Thought Revolution: How to Unlock Your Inner Genius, Bill Donius interviews Dr. Ralph Cordova, a CoLab teacher-leader (Cultural Landscapes Collaboratory) about his observations working with teachers, "harnessing their collective wisdom" in a learning culture of risk-taking, collaboration and creativity.


Read his article to learn more about how teachers drive the innovation in their classrooms, and why this approach is working so well. You are encouraged to link to the CoLab website too, and watch the video of Ralph working with a group of 4th, 5th and 6th graders!


At the Coaching Center, Vital Education Division, we follow a similar formula in getting teacher leaders together to share wisdom, build on collaboration and innovate (using state of the art tools and frameworks) - for the sake of student learning.

To check out our program offerings, click here...


Vital Wellness
Marie Frohlich
Marie Frohlich,
Team Lead for Vital Wellness
Fill Up for the Winter!

As winter is upon us, it feels good to have a full tank when we step out into the world.

Taking care of our bodies, foods that fill you up and can easily be staples in our diets are oats, nuts, soup, beans and legumes, tons of veggies and fruits and eggs.  Water is key as is breathing deep when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed, if at no other time. 

Be mindful of your portion sizes, often related to the size of cup or plate you are using.  Winter fiber fun is using salsa on baked potatoes, enjoying more pita sandwiches, chili dinners, and breakfast smoothies filled with fiber and protein.  Try chia seeds in smoothies, they are very high in fiber and prevent absorption of fat. And try a cup of delicious green tea with lemon and honey between meals - kicks in the hormone that tells you "I'm full." 

If you want to 'fill up' your mind and soul too, check out our Vital Wellness offerings.

Marie Frohlich is a dynamic health coach with over twenty years of experience working with diverse communities of businesses, organizations, and educators.  
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Liz Dallas and Lea Belair
Coaching Center of Vermont, Inc.
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