July 2016

3 Trends in Retail Graphics
Changing the Way Consumers Interact with Your Brand

Utilizing retail graphic displays is one of the most important brand components of the design of most retail locations. However, just using brand name point of purchase posters and backlit graphics
may not be enough to attract the younger shopper. Today's consumer is looking for inventive and interactive ways of shopping. 

Keeping consumers in your location for longer periods helps turn shoppers to buyers and raise the average ticket sales. Following are three trends that retailers are considering:

1. Unique Materials. For decades, graphic designers have been limited to vinyl, foam core and paper as the backdrop for their marketing signage. However, technological advances in large format digital printers have opened the floodgates of printing possibilities. Digital printers, like the latest HP Scitex FB750 Printer at E&E Exhibit Solutions, allow brand messaging to be printed on an endless variety of materials including metal, wood, plastic, and boards on rigid or flexible media up to 2.5 inches thick. Retailers are using inventive materials to print retail graphic displays on materials that offer a textured look and feel to each department. In some cases, retailers develop branded environments that transport consumers into a different world through creative and colorful graphic displays.  

2. Local trends in retail graphics. Some stores are now incorporating famous landmarks into their retail graphics. For example, in the Detroit Whole Food they connect the city's Motor City heritage into their wall graphics. Finding ways to create an environment that is unique to each market is a great way retailers stand out from their competitors. This is especially true for national retailers with multiple locations. Although the layout of the stores may be similar, the look and feel of the retail graphics can incorporate community-based themes, events, sport teams, celebrities, cuisine and more. 

3. High Tech Hangers. Retailers will soon be able to offer real time customer interaction with their hangers. One company from Brazil has created a hanger that is synced with the Facebook likes of each item of clothing. See the video below for more information.

That is not the only way high tech hangers are being used as part of the retail graphics of your location. In Japan they have created a technology hanger that when customers remove the item from the rack, a corresponding backlit graphic is displayed on the nearby wall showing a model wearing the item. Click here to learn more about this Toyko designed hanger.

If you are interested in learning more about how the current trends in retail graphic displays might benefit your business, give us a call. 

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