June 2016

Large Format Outdoor Signs
5 Unique Ways to Use Outdoor Signs This Summer

Where would we be without outdoor signs? In this age of technology, we rely on that GPS to get us from point A to point B however, at some point in the journey, the little female voice will say "Your destination is on the left. You have reached your destination."

Unless your destination is a single farmhouse out in the middle of the country, the place you are looking for is located near other similar buildings. It is the outdoor sign that let's passersby know which of the buildings belongs to you. 

Outdoor signage can also alert passersby to your business and any special promotion you may be advertising. The bigger the better! Outdoor signage helps alert consumers to your business and it may inspire them to stop and drop in!

At E&E Graphic Innovations, a large format digital signage business, we specialize is all things big, bright and beautiful - in the printed arena, that is. 
Consider Custom Outdoor Signs For Your Traditional Marketing Efforts
  • Business Identity Signage
  • Portable Sandwich boards announcing sales or events
  • Exterior Window graphics and decals
  • Freestanding business signage
  • Exterior Directory Systems

However, it is summer, and summer is the perfect time to take your business outdoors, so let's examine a few unique ways custom outdoor signs can benefit your business.

5 Unique Ways to Use Outdoor Signs This Summer

There are so many unique and fun ways to use your company vehicles to advertise your business. Malley's is a wonderful chocolate shop featuring an entire inventory of chocolate that melts in your mouth. If you are a chocolate lover, you might be tempted to follow this car back to the store!

2.  Over sized Outdoor Banners:
Let the world know the latest news happening at your location. Are you under new management? Celebrating an anniversary? Having a closeout sale? Hosting an event? Banners can be printed on our HP Designjet which prints images 60 inches wide up to 100 feet long; one third the length of a football field. 

3.  Fence Signs. 
Speaking of a football field, why not print an over-sized collage or mural to advertise your business. If your business is sponsoring the local team, use an over-sized outdoor sign to make sure spectators know which local business is backing the team. 

4.   Building Wraps
Did you know that you can print on any surface, including rough and textured walls? Turn the outside of your building into a masterpiece. It will turn your business into a destination location!

Are you hosting or participating in an outdoor event this summer. Across the country there are music festivals, county fairs, and Renaissance Fairs are popping up in every state. Make sure your booth or building is easy to find with custom event graphics. Check out the stage graphic in the image from the Amsterdam Music Festival. Large format digital graphics like that will allow attendees in the back row to see your message! 

If you are interested in learning more about how large format outdoor signs can benefit your business, give us a call! 

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