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May 2016

3 New Trade Show Accessories

At E&E Exhibit Solutions, we are always on the look out for new accessories or components that can enhance your trade show displays. We have three new items to tell you about:

Tool-less Adjustable Monitor Brackets

Including monitors, computers and large television screens are becoming the norm in a trade show exhibit. However, one of the challenges with mounting these monitors is the need to hire labor to configure the brackets to hold the displays.

The new tool-less adjustable monitor brackets are easy to install and do NOT require tools. Which means, you don't have to hire anyone to come to your booth and install the brackets. This saves you time and money! Both are win/wins for your trade show experience.

Self Closing Doors

Many trade show booths incorporate closets however, if the door isn't self-closing, it is easy to think the door is firmly closed when in fact it isn't. This happens all the time when your booth is filled with interesting prospects. You reach into the closet to find a brochure or sample and accidentally leave the door ajar. 

If this is also where you are storing purses, money, or expensive equipment, these items can easily disappear when you are occupied with a sales prospect. The self-closing doors offer that added assurance that all of your valuables are safely secure behind locked doors. 

Raised Flooring

Many companies incorporate trade show flooring into the design of their exhibit. Flooring is available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials. You can even customize the flooring to include your company logo.

However, one of the challenges in trade show displays is the dangers of electrical cords that crisscross throughout your displays; supplying electricity to your monitors, charging tables, displays and lighting. 

Enter the raised floor! Including a raised floor in your trade show exhibit allows you to manage electrical cords without worrying about safety or fire hazards. With a raised floor you are no longer hampered by available outlets when configuring where you will place trade show display counters, trade show charging stations or any other accessory that might require electricity.

All three of these elements will take your trade show exhibit to the next level. They are available for purchase or rental so if you are interested in learning more - give us a call!

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