May 2016

LED Backlit Displays are a Game Changer
for Product Displays

If you have ever been to NYC at night, you know the excitement of the displays and billboards; each one more vibrantly colored than the next. Now imagine that same brilliance in your lobby or on your sales floor. With LED backlit displays, you can bring the light, color and energy of Times Square to your business!

This year at the ExhibitorLIVE conference, LED backlit displays with customized lighting patterns, changing video display and dramatic graphics were all the rage. 

Custom Trade Show Backlit LED Fabric Displays Signs 

In the E&E booth we used the a fabric display that was backlit with LED lighting to showcase a variety of vibrantly colored images. It was constantly changing the look out our booth. Using this same principle and similar materials, you can bring this creative and dramatic look to your company lobby, conference rooms, retail sales floor and special event venues.

In the above picture you can see an example of how backlit LED fabric displays are being used to showcase important information on a large format surface. Now imagine this same material and lighting option on your retail floor featuring your products and brand names.

There are a number of benefits to using the backlit LED fabric displays:
  • Easy Travel
  • Flexible Screen
  • Interchangeable Fabric
  • LED Lighting
  • Tool Free Assembly
  • Unlimited Framework Styles

Our custom backlit LED displays are seamless, easy to mount, and are light and compact.  In the two images below, you can see how we programmed the LED display to rotate through a variety of images. Each image is brightly colored and helped to continually create an interesting and welcoming environment. 

You can use this technology in a similar manner to scroll through a programmed series of product images, company messaging or a combination of both. At E&E Graphic Innovations are large format digital printer is capable of printing on fabric of all sizes, or you can use the LED lighting with computer programming to project the images onto the fabric surface.

Consider using the backlit LED displays for:
  • Building entryways
  • Executive boardroom
  • Merchandising conference rooms
  • Sales floor displays
  • Window displays
  • Hospital lobbies
  • Waiting areas
  • College student centers
  • University buildings
  • Sporting venues
  • Hotel venues
  • Special events
  • Convention centers
  • Trade show exhibits
The options are limited only by your imagination. Talk to one of our graphic design specialists to determine the right solution for your company. Custom trade show backlit LED fabric displays signs are also available from our rental company, E&E Exhibit Rentals.

If you are interested in learning more about how custom fabric graphics can benefit your business, give us a call! 

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