March 2016

3 Ways to Create a Brand Environment

What exactly are branded environments? A brand environment is the perfect solution wherever you want to create a brand building strategy to incorporate large format signage or over-sized images to create a specific atmosphere. Branded environments involve the collaboration between multiple design disciplines. 

According to the article The 3 Steps to Building a Brand Winning Strategy from Entrepreneur magazine, you must:

Step 1: Set yourself apart.
Step 2: Know your target customer.
Step 3: Develop a personality.

Personalize Your Brand: 
If you want your brand building campaign or brand to be successful, then you have to personalize it. It is important to give your brand an identity. Let consumers see and experience the personality of your brand in its entirety. Look at your brand as something that a consumer wants to identify with pretty much as they would with their favorite cars, cellphones, or computers.

So how do you create a brand personality within a specific environment?

1. Start by determining the area in which you will create a brand identity. Possible suggestions are:
  • Corporate walkways or entryways with well-placed floor graphics
  • College and university landscaped pathways
  • Museum courtyards
  • Apartment or neighborhood entrances with custom fence graphics
  • Hospital courtyards or picnic areas
  • Hotel/Conference center lobbies for special events
2.  Next, create a brand environment that speaks not only to the products and services your company provides but also the humanitarian side of business. Consumers look to do business with those that are giving back or have a green focus. Do you have a mission, vision and value for your company? Make sure you include those elements in your branded environments. 

3.  Last, include an interactive component to your branded environments. When you provide consumers the opportunity to connect or participate in a portion of your branded area, they become engaged and are more likely to seek further information.

The perfect example of this can be found at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio. One level of the museum offers visitors the opportunity to listen to a variety of music over the history of rock. Using headphones and a touch screen to make your selection, music lovers can stand for hours listening to an unlimited number of artists from over the past several decades. Not only do they have the opportunity to listen to musicians, they can follow through by making a purchase of the music in the gift shop. 

If you are considering creating branded environments for your company location or for a special event, we can help.  The graphic professionals of E&E Graphic Innovations work with you to create the perfect blend of marketing message within the specific brand environment.
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