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February 2016

5 Trade Show Secrets of Success

Do you want to know the secret of a successful trade show? There are hundreds of ideas however, following are five suggestions that you may have not thought about in the past.  

The first two tips come from Ken Krogue in an article he wrote for Forbes magazine offering 12 Commandments of a Successful Trade Show.

  • Never go to a show that you can't speak at. Enough said. And sitting on a panel with 4 other people isn't the same as speaking, but it's better than nothing. If you can't speak, make your own event that you can speak at and invite everyone in your database to come hear you speak at the show. 
  • Set appointments for people to come meet your executives. They will be there anyway, put 'em to work meeting the people and adding value to the discussions. This one of our favorite things. 
Take Away:  When you have the opportunity to speak, you create a platform to demonstrate your expertise. Remember not to use your moment in the spotlight as a  sales pitch but rather as a way to offer value to the audience; ideas that they can go out and use tomorrow to benefit their business. They'll see you as a subject matter expert and will most likely seek out your trade show booth to learn more.

The next two tips come from an Inc. Magazine article entitled 8 Tricks for Trade Shows. 

  • Let them play. Putting customers in an industry trade show is like putting kids in a candy store: they're going to want to touch things. So let them. Monster.com engages its trade show audiences by creating a booth entirely out of touch screens. "They don't have to wait for a guided demo," says Phil Cavanaugh, Monster.com's vice president of events. "They can approach our product right away." For companies with more limited funding, iPads simulate the same interaction, says Stevenson: "You put three or four on your stand and people will pick them up." 
  • Serious buyers hang around until the end. When a show is almost over, the crowds have dwindled, and energy is drained. But you couldn't be more wrong if you think your job's over. "Somebody who is really serious is walking around the show floor because they know they can spend more time with you when you're less busy," says Friedmann. "If you look like you're waiting for the minute to tick by, this person is going to ask: 'Is this someone I want to do business with?'" Staying energized and engaged until the trade show is officially over (or longer) proves to customers that you are a company committed to the trade show""and to their business. "
Take away: This last tip really resonates. At the end of a multiple day event you may just be thinking about how many hours it will take to pack up and head to the airport or hotel. Remember - you are there. They are a captive audience. This can be your time to really interact those interested in buying. Let your competitors pack up while you secure additional sales!

The last idea comes from a Marketing Professionals article: Six Tips for Planning a Successful Trade show Exhibition by Timothy Carte. This tip is one that the trade show experts of E&E Exhibit Solutions can help you with!  

  • Make sure they know your name. You can't have too much signage. On your display booth, your letterhead, your clothing, and your promotional items, put your logo front and center. Everyone who passes by should know the name of your brand or company.  By making yourself instantly recognizable, you're also ensuring that you stay at the forefront of everyone's mind, and that turns into leads.


Take away: Make sure your name is visible from across the room with custom designed hanging signs. Incorporate your logo and company name into the graphics on your retail display kiosks, banner stands, trade show display counters and trade show charging stations.

Consider incorporating one or more of these tips for your next trade show experience.

Revolutionary Advances in 
Trade Show Booth Design with EuroFrame
E&E Exhibit Solutions just announced the re-engineered EuroFrame trade show exhibit designs. The NEW Silicon Edge groves integrated in the frames, offer the ability to cover large surface areas with oversize seamless fabrics.  Now, seams in booth designs simply disappear when covering towers, walls, frames.  No longer are trade show graphics interrupted by seams every four feet, but can cover larger surface areas with this capability.

"The over sized seamless option from EuroFrame allows companies to create a show stopping design," said Daniel Chaddock CEO/president of E&E Exhibit Solutions. "We are no longer limited to the EuroFrame 10x10s or 10x20 design of the prior trade show graphics configurations. With the EuroFrame over sized seamless design we can create floor to ceiling images that eclipse all other trade show booth exhibits."

Click to read the press release. 

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