February 2016

The Evolution of Graphic Design

Remember when retail graphic displays consisted of simple signage?

E&E's custom EuroFrame product has just been announced with a seamless graphic solution that is revolutionizing the marketing world.

The NEW Silicon Edge grooves integrated in the frames, offer the ability to cover large surface areas with oversize seamless fabrics.  

Now, seams in booth designs simply disappear when covering towers, walls, frames.  No longer are fabric displays interrupted by seams every four feet, but can cover larger surface areas with this capability.

Imagine the applications for this new technology.
  • Corporate event graphics - create a show stopping lobby graphic that greets attendees 
  • Retail department signage - cover the entire back wall of your location to introduce new brands
  • Brand marketing that is bigger than life. 
Notice how the seams take away from the overall message of this NorthFace graphic. 

With the new technology from the E&E EuroFrame line, you are actually IN THE EXPERIENCE! Check out this fantastic product graphic from Can-Am using the new seamless graphic.
Give us a call to learn more about how we can help with your large format graphic designs. E&E Exhibit Solutions now offers the new EuroFrame Silicon Edge design for new purchases as well as through our Exhibit Rentals. 

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