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December 2015

5 Business Lessons Learned Over Two Decades in the Trade Show Industry

January marks the twentieth anniversary for E&E Exhibit Solutions, a leader in trade show exhibit displays and five time recipient of the INC 5,000 award for fastest growing business.

Did you know that our first office only held a small 10x10 trade show booth and a few pop-up displays?  However, very soon business growth required a larger office, larger staff and a larger showroom. 

Today E&E Exhibit Solutions is headquartered in Tempe with an 11,000 square foot office and showroom display center, complete with hanging signs, backlit graphics, and multiple configurations of 10x10 displays and 10x20 displays and trade show exhibit designs. 

So how has E&E Exhibit Solutions managed to not only survive and thrive, even successfully navigating through two national recessions? Following are the five business lessons the leaders of E&E have learned:
1.     Listen to customers. One of the reasons E&E Exhibit Solutions was able to grow so quickly and has continued to grow two decades later is by listening carefully to their customer's needs. Often a customer asks for one thing but by asking probing questions, the sales team is able to uncover a solution that more accurately meets their needs.

2.    Adapt to the changing needs of customers. During both recessions it was the ability to adapt to the changing needs of customers that enabled E&E to continue to grow. When money was tight for customers, the rental portion of the business became a more savvy solution and so we developed an exhibit rental division.

3.    Be available and responsive to customers. When customers know they can call and there will be someone there - or to call back quickly - with answers and/or solutions. For the past two years E&E has been awarded the Pulse of the City Star Award for their superior products and customer service.

4.    Take time to hire the right person the first time. Making a new hire for E&E Exhibit Solutions is a thoughtful, strategic assignment. Rather than hire a few people and see which one is the best fit, the hiring process for E&E is handled differently. Candidates are not only selected for experience and skills but also their ability to fit with the company culture and to be the best person for the job. Consequently, the turn-over of employees is very low and many have been with the company for several years.

5.    Invest in employees with support and training. Each employee, regardless of department or role within the company, is trained in the E&E process and provided the tools they need to be successful. This employee support continues throughout their employment and is not just part of the new-hire process.
Today, E&E Exhibit Solutions has three locations in the greater Tempe area, serving customers with a team of professional sales, graphic design, warehouse management, marketing and customer service associates. 

If creating or expanding your trade show presence is part of your marketing plan for 2016, give us a call. 

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