November 2015

10 Graphic Design Tips to
Drive Traffic Across Your Threshold 

Black Friday is just days away; the highest foot traffic retail sales day of the year. By now you have already determined your best offers, product line and special sales events. Make sure you have the best custom retail graphic displays to help attract consumers!

From the moment they walk past your store, make sure your graphics capture consumer's attention. Once in the door, your retail graphic displays will help announce special offers, departments and brand names. Using hanging signs, banner stands and wall graphics are great ways to great a cohesive message for consumers that carries through your entire location.

In a recent article, author Poppie Pack offers 25 Epic Design Tips to help your graphics really pop this holiday season.  Here are just a few to consider:

  1. Limit your typefaces. Use easy to read fonts for simple and effective graphic design. The eye finds it hard to scan multiple typefaces, so stick to a simple collection of fonts.
  2. Don't be scared of scaleUse appropriate colors to enhance this technique while making sure that you choose suitable typefaces that look great when increased in size.
  3. Respect the space of other elements. Make sure you don't reduce your letter spacing so much you can't read it, nor increase it so much that the letters become detached from one another.
  4. Clean, crisp, clear. This is an opportunity to apply white or black text over top of your image, creating a strong 'cut-out' effect.
  5. Keep it simple. Keep it simple, but don't forget your basics. Use contrasting tonal color combinations to ensure that your text is sharp and easy to read. Applying a solid frame to contain your copy will enhance the compositional structure of your design.
  6. Creativity and originality. Avoid trends and create designs that correspond with your own unique style, leaving a personal stamp on your work.
  7. Use hierarchy to order your content. The most visually dominant feature in your design should be the most important part of your message. A nice graphic design practice is to apply color or scale to your graphic to see how it changes the hierarchy of your elements.
  8. Wonderful white space. Create a fluid design by letting your elements breathe. The application of space around your text boxes, images and other graphic features makes it easier to read and is actually more likely to attract attention than a cluttered composition.
  9. Contrast is key. Contrast is one of the most imperative parts of design. Use photo filters to enhance the positive/negative space in your image. Applying black or white to copy will create optimum contrast against the background image.
  10. Brighten up your graphics. Create drama and impact with attention grabbing graphics. Ensure your colors don't bleed together by choosing hues that contrast against one another.
E&E Graphic Innovations has an entire graphic design services team that can help you create stunning graphic displays for your business. Our newest HP Scitex FB750 Printer not only prints on an almost limitless selection of materials and sizes but also now prints white ink to help create a dramatic finished product. 

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