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October 2015

They'll Be Talking About You at the Next Trade Show
The Power of Hashtags

One of the best ways to market your business is through word of mouth advertising. Have others talk about you is as good as using other people's money to start your business.
Word of mouth advertising as the benefit of being regarded as more credible than a traditional marketing campaign and social media uses word of mouth to create viral sensations.
One of the best tools for creating buzz is through the use of real-time social media giant, Twitter and the best tactic is the creation of a buzz-worthy #Hashtag.
If you are a fan of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Each week Jimmy starts a #hashtag conversation and every week the topic is trending world wide in less than an hour. Imagine your business message going viral that fast!
The #Hashtags invites others to share their stories; #hashtags like:
The secret is to find a topic that is universally relatable. Using a Twitter #Hashtag invites trade show participants to join in the conversation.  Everyone wants to be part of the "in crowd" and by starting a #Hashtag discussion; you are creating a "secret" society that everyone wants to be in on.
Here are a few examples:
#WhyIAmHere Tell us why you are here, then retweet - most retweets is a winn at Booth 123
#FavFood What can't you live without? Share on Twitter - most retweets wins! Booth 123
#BestOpeningLine Come to Booth 123 and tell us your can't miss pitch - most retweeted wins.
Marketing guru David Spark has created a how to guide for creating viral #hashtags to help drive traffic to your trade show displays

Here are a few of tips:
Capture the attention and action of people waiting in line. There are always people waiting in line - for keynote address, food, bathroom. These are people just standing there - why not give them something to do?
David suggests that you have a sales person walk the line with a sign promoting your #hashtag. Ask them to share the #hashtag and then retweet to their followers.
Create a #hashtag contest - most retweeted post - and offer a prize such as an X-box or iPad for the winner. Instruct those participating that they have to come to your trade show displays to learn more.
Promote the #hashtag in your display. Although the #hashtag doesn't have to tie directly to your products, the promotion should have a call to action that invites people to visit your trade show custom displays.
Create tweets and ask people to retweet them. Statistics show that tweet messages asking for retweeting are the most frequently shared.
Has this worked? David shares the answer:
At SXSW, one of my clients, Dice, asked hundreds of people waiting in line for the Diggnation show to tweet out "What makes you a #Geek4Life?" Even with the tons of Twitter activity going on at SXSW, the hashtag successfully trended in Austin, plus CNN iReport picked up a companion video of people standing in line answering that question.
Using social media to create buzz and drive traffic to your trade show booth is a great way to benefit from word of mouth advertising. The more people participate in your #hashtag campaign and share with their followers, the more people are talking about your business. 
Make sure you create colorful visual graphics to not only promote your business but also support the #hashtag display.  Our portable retail display kiosks with changeable fabric graphics are a great way to draw attention to your business and promote the contest. 

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