July 2015


3 Proven Ways to Build an Audience 

with Graphic Images


 "Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing."  - Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer, Hubspot





In last month's newsletter (check our archives if you missed it) we talked about the importance and value of Word of Mouth marketing. 


One important component is the use of photography; professional as well as user generated, to capture the attention of your audience.


The three main social networks that thrive on graphic images are: 

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

By now, you are most likely part of the one BILLION users taking advantage of the heavy traffic on Facebook, so let's spend a little time examining the power of graphic images on Pinterest and Instagram.


Using Pinterest for Business


Pinterest is the number one social site for driving traffic and enticing users to make a purchase. Check out the stats below from an article by Lara O'Reilly.  




In a recent update, Pinterest is now offering additional ways to generate revenue using graphic images.


On Monday (June 1, 2015) at MIT's Emtech Digital conference, Pinterest head of partnerships Tim Kendall unveiled a new product called "Action Buttons," TechCrunch reported.


In a development that had been rumored for months, users will soon be able to instantly add all the items from a cooking recipe straight to a shopping cart, or add a gadget straight to their Amazon Wish List. Read more


Pinterest now makes it even easier for consumers to click on the images of your company's products and make a purchase. This is of special interest to companies interested in adding shopping carts to their websites but have hesitated to do so. 


Additionally, Pinterest users are known for sharing images to their own Pinterest boards. Your graphic images become shareable content that helps build an audience and drive additional traffic back to your website.


Using Instagram for Business


Instagram now has more users (300 million as of December 2014) than Twitter (288 million)! The reason? Instagram is a mobile app based on photos. It is all about the graphic image and the ease of using a phone.





The graph above is from We Are Social. It shows an important fact and that is that there are MORE mobile users than active Internet users. People are moving their on line activity to the palm of their hand and Instagram's numbers are on the rise.


McDonald's used Instagram to help connect an awareness of their brand with summertime. Imagine the almost insurmountable task of connecting a single company brand with an entire season. And yet, with the use of Instagram and a variety of real people photos, they succeeded.


Read the entire case study here, but this quote says it all:


"Instagram gave us the opportunity to connect with a highly engaged community over summer in a way that felt natural and respectful of the creative platform. With customer insight at the heart of the campaign, we delivered product- and brand-messaging in a subtle yet engaging way. The results speak for themselves."  

Mark Wheeler, Director of Digital - McDonald's ANZ


And what were the results? 


By the time summer arrived, brand favorability had increased four points and there was a four-point lift in message association between McDonald's and summer. Additionally, the two-phase campaign achieved a 47-point lift in ad recall - one of the highest Nielsen Brand Effect results seen to date globally.  


Using Facebook for Business


The final of the three proven ways to use graphic images is Facebook. This social network has been over examined and if you are not already using Facebook to promote graphic images of your business, you might want to check out this article, Promoting On Facebook. The article is about promoting newly published books, however, the content applies to all businesses. 


When you can't be there in person to promote your business, a well executed graphic image can be the next best thing.


From social media images to retail graphic displays to wall graphics; pictures tell consumers a story about your business. Make sure that you represent your business to the best of its ability by using high quality images. And if your images are being used in a printed format; select a vendor who provides the highest in quality ink, materials and production.


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