May 2015


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Do you remember the popular sitcom Cheers? If you didn't see it during the original run from 1982 to 1993, you have certainly seen the reruns on cable. We all remember Norm - the permanent fixture at the end of the bar. When he entered the bar, everyone would cheer:  "NORM!"


Imagine a marketing campaign where everybody knew YOUR name. It starts by creating a strategy that places your name and logo where ever prospects might look; from your website and online presence to sales brochures, building wraps, custom vehicle wraps, and custom outdoor signs. The more consumers see your name, the more inclined they will be to pick up the phone, order online or stop by your location. 


Custom Fence Graphics

One of the best places to place your brand this season is outside. And since it is baseball season, let's talk about custom fence graphics. Have you considered the benefit of this inexpensive form of branding for your business?

Spring, summer and early fall are great months for designing, printing and displaying custom fence graphics. The vinyl banner material used in the making of most fence graphics is durable and the high quality of the printed color make your logo highly visible from a distance.


If you haven't considered the possibility of using custom fence graphics as part of your marketing strategy, you might think about how you could use this affordable product to keep your company name front and center in your community. 

Following are just a few examples of where you might place fence graphics with your brand message:

  • Construction fencing
  • Chain Link fencing
  • Picket fencing
  • Bleacher tops
  • Bleacher backs
  • Out-field fencing

Many universities and sports organizations are upgrading their athletic facilities by wrapping their bleacher tops, bleacher backs, out-field and chain-link fences with Dura-Mesh custom fence graphics.

Not sure that the stadium is where your prospects hang out? What about road signs that add up to tell a story? Do you remember the old Burma Shave signs along rural country roads?

Each sign placed at intervals along the road adds up to cleverly tell a story to drivers passing by.

It doesn't just have to reach drivers, some larger properties use similar marketing signs along walking paths like these signs you'll find along the brick walk at the Chautauqua Institute in New York.

Finding unique ways and places to put your brand message is one of the best marketing strategies.

A similar thought process is used in suburban American where hanging vinyl banners are used along Main Street to advertise a local event or community project.



How Will Everybody Know YOUR Name?


The question becomes, how will your prospects know your name? Will they have to hunt you down or will you be visible in all walks of life so they can't help but remember your name? 


We never know when a consumer will be in the market for our products or services so we have to make sure that we make the most of every opportunity.


How will you use custom fence graphics this season to create a brand name for your company? Not sure? Need help?

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