April 2015


What Are the Top Design Trends for 2015?



Digital Information World created an info-graphic listing 8 of the top design trends for 2015.  In this newsletter, we will focus on one of these trends:


Huge Graphics

Utilizing over-sized images in your graphic designs both online and with large format digital printing, not only grabs the attention of consumers, but also helps to tell your company story. 


"In 2014, we saw large, high quality images make their way into more designs. Thanks to free unique stock image sites, as well as faster broadband speeds, the images got high quality and even more unique. Humans are visual creatures and in 2015 we'll see bigger and better images,"  , Digital Information World.

Using over-sized images helps to tell the story of your company, your employees, your products and services. 

In this picture the company not only demonstrates a service they provide customers, it also helps to tell a story of gender diversity in the workplace.



Where Do You Find the Images?


There are a number of sites available for stock images or royalty free images:

  • Flickr.com: look in the Commons area for photos that are available for free. Always make sure you give attribution to the photographer.
  • Istockphotos.com has thousands of images for sale, individually as well as grouped by topic. 
  • 123rf.com is another site with stock images for sale and is less expensive than most of the stock photo sites online.
  • Google Images: avoid at all costs. Using these images can result in copyright infringement down the line.
However, the best images to use are original images that you take. Hurrdat.com, a design firm, offers up Six Reasons to Use Original Photography. Here are just a couple solid points to consider:

Finding a niche photo on a stock website is nearly impossible. With original photography, you can choose what's in the image and rest easy that no other brands will have it.

High-quality photos are easily accessible with the use of a smartphone. Ten years ago, cell phones boasted 1.3-megapixel cameras. Today's most recent Lumina uses a 42-megapixel camera with a sensor the size of bacteria. Anyone can grab their phone out of their pocket and snap a decent photo. It's up to you to rightfully utilize this opportunity.

Not sure about how to take photos. Photography Concentrate offers a whole library of free articles, tips and techniques for taking your own images. One important point to remember: if you are going to use the images for large format digital printing, you will want to ensure the images are of a high enough resolution so that the finished product represents your brand appropriately.

Online Images

One of the latest trends in online images is called meme. A meme is an image, quotation or small file that is captured by the social media community and shared. 
There are two great resources for beginners interested in modifying existing images by adding quotes or company website information:


This image to the right was created by using ImgFlip to take a stock photo and add a quote. 

Images tell the story. Remember? A picture is worth a 1,000 words. So jump on the trend band wagon and incorporate images into your graphic designs, marketing materials, trade show graphics and online presence.

Printing Your Huge Graphics

Once you have selected the over-sized images for your marketing/branding project, give us a call. We'll produce the highest quality printing available.

Our growing graphic design services facility is equipped with a number of the latest large format printers, capable of printing on a variety of papers, vinyl and substrates, such as bonded metal, unfinished wood, low-pile carpet and synthetic flooring. We've honed our production process to maximize output for speed, color accuracy and quality. This process also consists of professional finishing services including mounting and laminating, custom die cutting, grommets, hook and loop tape or other special finishing method.

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