March 2015


Do You Want to Shout Your 

Marketing Message?


Perhaps you don't want to stand on a street corner shouting to those walking past, but what if you could have the benefits of bigger than life promotion? 


Digital Large Format Printing offers a company extraordinary options when it comes to local word-of-mouth promotion.  Large format printing does the shouting for you!


Printers capable of printing large format marketing materials can be large enough to cover a building! Imagine your company logo as tall as Godzilla!


In an article from Printing Hub, we learn that large format printing is the fastest growing segment of print marketing.


With the ubiquity of advertising and digital marketing, customers are looking for innovative, eye-catching ways to promote their brands, and that means wide format. 

Banners, vehicle wraps and point of purchase displays are all popular items for wide format printers.















What are the benefits of large format printing?


  1. Bigger is better. Let's face it - seeing your company logo ten feet tall as you drive down the road is a great way to capture the attention of local consumers. In this world of technology, most people are looking down at their device and a small banner can be easily missed. But if your company logo is plastered from ceiling to floor in a hotel conference center, on the side of a building or in the lobby of the university it will grab the attention of even the most focused texter.
  2. Stand out from the rest. Picture a typical page in the Yellow Pages. Most advertisement blocks are the same size and when you come across a full page ad, you usually stop to read what it has to say. The same is true with large format printing. If your message is bigger than everyone else's, it is more likely to be noticed and remembered.
  3. Get creative. When you are limited to a standard banner there is only so much you can do in terms of creativity. However, with large format digital printing your message can be as much as almost 9 FEET wide by an infinite length. Not only can you be creative with size and color but you can shake things up with the material your message is printed on. Here is an example of a company car with a traditional marketing message:

 It looks good and the pink car certainly helps with grabbing attention but check out this truck and see if you don't see a difference in how large format printing using custom vehicle wraps STOPS TRAFFIC! Talk about SHOUTING your message. 



Just a few things to keep in mind when preparing your marketing message for large format printing:




Ensure your image quality is capable of being enlarged while maintaining clarity. For large and grand format printing optimal file resolution should equal 100 to 150dpi at final print size.  This keeps files sizes manageable and easier to work with when previewing, proofing and printing. Final output files are up-converted and printed at either 600x600 or 1200x600dpi, to create accurate, colorful and high quality image reproduction.


Large Format Printing Options


Check with your print house to learn about the options they offer. Not every printer offers the same options.  At E&E Graphic Innovations, we have several different printing devices at our disposal and can ensure a perfect match for your next job.  We employ UV, Latex and Pigment printing technologies and have the ability to print on many different substrates or materials. In addition our Latex printer can produce banners up to 105" wide by any length.  

Give our team of graphic designers a call. We can help guide you in the different materials and printing options that best suit your specific needs.


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