February 2015

Number One Tool for Event Planners

to Save Money


A recent survey shows that event planners for an upcoming trade show have far more on their plate then just preparing for the event.



According to a recent 2015 Meetings and Events Survey, conducted by Exhibitor, "the vast majority of exhibit managers are spending at least a portion of their time planning and hosting off-site meetings or events. While most exhibit managers plan fewer than five off-site events per year, one-fourth of them plan more than 10 additional events, with average attendance figures ranging from less than 50 to more than 5,000."


Therefore, having exhibit displays that can easily transform from trade show-ready to event specific is not only a time saver but a cost saver as well.


So what is the number one tool for event planners to save money? The pop-up display


Pop-up 10x10 displays are a light weight, customizable solution, easy enough for one person to assemble in just minutes. Find that hard to believe? Watch our own Daniel Chaddock, president of E&E Exhibit Solutions demonstrate the process.


Lite Display set-up in less than 10 mins
Lite Display set-up in less than 10 mins



Using digital large format, custom event graphics, you can customize the look and function of your pop-up display to meet the specific needs of your event. Custom event graphics incorporate the colors and logo of your company brand with the specific graphic elements of the actual event.  


Our in-house production team prints your custom event graphics on our state-of-the-art large format digital printers to produce one-of-a-kind, eye-popping graphics for your next event.


Using the foundation of your pop-up display and custom event graphic designs you are able to transform your exhibit from trade show focused, to event specific.


As a business owner or manager, you'll appreciate the single investment of a 10x10 pop up display that can be transformed & re-purposed multiple times over the course of several events for:


  • Trade shows  
  • Conventions
  • Training seminars
  • Annual meetings
  • Funding raising events 
  • Outdoor sporting events 

When the display is not in use outside your office, it can be used in your company lobby to graphically display your company logo and mission statement.


Transform Even More


You may also want to consider changing the functionality of your pop-up display by adding pop-up display accessories such as:


  • Profile header graphics with backlighting
  • Stand-off graphic signage
  • Widescreen monitor mounts with keyboard shelves
  • Suspended cable signage with downlighting
  • Light panel light boxes
  • Acrylic shelving


Interested in learning more about custom event graphics for your pop-up display? 

Give our team of graphic designers a call. Let's talk about how you can work to improve the morale of your staff through the use of wall graphics. 


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