January 2015

Use Images to Improve 

Employee Morale


We are all familiar with the adage that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, but in this day and age of 140 character updates, drive through eating and what have you done for me lately attitudes, you might be surprised to learn the long lasting power of graphic images.

Employees spend the largest portion of their day at work; an average of 8.7 hours each day. With the exception of sleeping, work takes up more of their day than any other activity.




Kahler Slater conducted a survey of the companies that had been designated as a Best Place to Work (BPTW). In the summary of the report they determined:

Companies that leverage their facility assets by giving thoughtful consideration to what a well-designed workplace means for them, are thinking strategically. They are putting a plan of action into place that is intended to improve their business, they are doing so by utilizing their assets to the fullest potential, and they are being proactive in terms of how to best support their largest, most expensive, and most important asset, their people.

There were many components considered such as:

  • Lighting
  • Room layout
  • Meeting space
  • Eating or break areas
  • Technology and more

Many of the changes necessary would require a large financial investment if a business were to consider making a dramatic change to the size and shape of employee cubicles, updating computers or expanding natural lighting windows. However, the one change a business can make to help improve employee morale without breaking the bank is the strategic use of vinyl wall coverings, signage and vinyl wall decals graphics

Human Resource studies show that employee morale greatly improves when the work environment is changed and color is added. Vinyl wall graphics are a quick, affordable way to refresh the office without the stress and expense of remodeling.

The beauty of a vinyl wall decal is the flexibility and versatility. Transform your walls with removable vinyl wall decals without damaging the paint or plaster. Custom vinyl wall decals allow you to easily change the look of your walls without the worry of causing long-term damage.

In fact, the study goes on to report:

The top themes describing the expression of culture in the BPTW workplaces were openness, color, team/collaborating spaces, and "fun" touches, throughout. On many visits to BPTW companies, the authors observed visible manifestations of the culture of an organization. 
Vinyl wall decals can be used to:

  • Reinforce mission statements
  • Encourage customer-focused behavior
  • Support diversity in the workplace
  • Recognize employee performance
  • Inspire through motivational quotations
  • Remind employees of the focus and purpose of the company

Vinyl wall decal graphics are affordable enough to create a series of colorful, motivations visual reminders that are easy to install and remove.

When considering the color scheme - review the following information from Moredays in their article the 5 Colors That Enhance Productivity:

1. Blue color - people are more productive in blue rooms. Blue stimulates workers to a higher performance. What is interesting is that blue clothing is recommended to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty.
2. Green color - green symbolizes nature and it helps to evoke relaxed mood. It is currently the most popular decorating color. Thus the backstage rooms where actors are waiting to appear on TV or on stage are painted with green color, as it calms the nerves and people are more relaxed.
3. White color - white is popular in decorating because it is light, neutral, and matches with everything. White areas seem more spacious, reflect more light and usually give people optimistic mood. Therefore white and other light colors are used in production areas, small rooms and hallways. White is the symbol of cleanliness and sterility, thus it is used in hospitals and various medical centers.
4. Red color - the most emotionally intense color that stimulates a faster
heartbeat and breathing. Red is recommended by decorators as the ideal color of furniture since it attracts attention.
5. Yellow color - yellow is considered as optimistic color that enhances concentration, however it is too bright for the eye to be taken in. People loose their temper more often in yellow rooms.

Employees are the number one asset of any company and therefore business owners need to seek ways to encourage, support and motivate them. Incorporating vinyl wall decal graphics into your office décor is a quick and easy way to change the look and feel of the work environment.

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