December 2014

Marsala Is the Color of 2015

What Can It Mean for Your Business?


You can expect to see this redish-brown hue a lot in the coming year as Pantone has just selected Marsala Pantone 18-1438 to be the color for the new year. Fashion, home goods and interior design will incorporate this color but so will marketing materials.


Just what does this color say to your prospects? Much has been analyzed and written about the emotion of colors and what it means to consumers. In an article from Entrepreneur magazine, Your Brand's True Color we learn that the colors red and brown symbolize contrasting meanings.  Red gets the heart pumping while brown represents stability and durability.


Red: Red activates your pituitary gland, increasing your heart rate and causing you to breathe more rapidly. This visceral response makes red aggressive, energetic, provocative and attention-grabbing. Count on red to evoke a passionate response, albeit not always a favorable one. For example, red can represent danger or indebtedness.
Brown: This earthy color conveys simplicity, durability and stability. It can also elicit a negative response from consumers who relate to it as dirty. Certain shades of brown, like terracotta, can convey an upscale look. From a functional perspective, brown tends to hide dirt, making it a logical choice for some trucking and industrial companies.


The combination of these two colors actually makes sense in that it offers excitement with an element of trust. 


How Can You Incorporate Marsala Into Your Marketing?


Each year Pantone brings a new color to our attention. From their recent press release they shed a little light on the color selection process and the benefits of Marsala in marketing:


Pantone combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the fashion and entertainment industries - including films that are in production, the world of art, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, the availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.


Marsala for Graphic Design

A rich contrasting color, Marsala is ideal for use in graphic design and packaging. Eye-catching, but not overwhelming or bright, consumers are immediately drawn to the hue, making it an alluring shade at point-of-purchase. As packaging becomes increasingly more artistic, Marsala will be a natural fit for both high- and low-tech materials, including on-shelf periodicals as well as printed assets, like calendars and stationery.



How We Can Help


E&E Graphic Innovations' graphic design services department has the latest in state-of-the-art large format digital printing equipment. Our production facility is equipped with a number of the latest large format printers, capable of printing on a variety of papers, vinyl and substrates, such as bonded metal, unfinished wood, low-pile carpet and synthetic flooring. We've honed our production process to maximize output for speed, color accuracy and quality. This process also consists of professional finishing services including mounting and laminating, custom die cutting, grommets, hook and loop tape or other special finishing method.

So whether you plan to incorporate Marsala into your retail graphic displays, product packaging, wall graphics or trade show booth design in the coming year, the large format digital printing equipment at E&E will guarantee the highest in quality and durability. 



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