November 2014

What Makes for an Effective Retail Sign?



Gee, I don't know...Can I buy a vowel?


The time for holiday sales traffic is fast approaching. Big box retailers are already offering free layaway, Santa is visible in television campaigns and businesses are gearing up for Black Friday.


It is time to create the best signage possible to not only draw traffic into your business but also to direct customers once they are in your location.

Comprehensive custom retail graphic design includes:

Every component of your retail graphic design needs to reflect your brand and logo along with the retail promotion of the season.


So as you consider the design, layout, images and content for your signs, make note of these tips for creating the most effective retail graphic displays for your business:



Know your products well enough to recognize when they have been spelled wrong.


Consider adding a compelling image to help the casual  passerby connect the words to the product.


Remember...being "cheap as chips" isn't always the best selling point. 



Keep in mind that even the most well-meaning information graphics can seem a bit extreme. In this case, their private rest rooms are apparently for a very specific target audience.


Or "can I buy a comma?" Or an advertising writer?


Select an image that fits with your content. This sign warns against dogs and yet, is that a dog or a duck? Not sure


Make sure that your message is clear.  For example, you wouldn't want to have a Ralph Lauren wall graphics in front of your display of chain saws. Just like you don't want your customers heading off in the wrong direction.







Final Tip for Effective Retail Signage

Select a large format graphic printer who can create a finished product that effectively reflects your brand, product and message. 



E&E Graphic Innovations' in house graphic department has the latest large format printers, capable of printing on a variety of papers, vinyl and substrates, such as bonded metal, unfinished wood, low-pile carpet and synthetic flooring. We've honed our production process to maximize output for speed, color accuracy and quality. This process also consists of professional finishing services including mounting and laminating, custom die cutting, grommets, hook and loop tape or other special finishing method.


Need help?


The graphic design specialists at E&E Graphic Innovations are available to answer your questions and help you create effective retail graphic displays for the upcoming holiday, year end sales and January clearance events. 


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