October 2014

Let Your Windows Do The Talking



For those business owners that have a brick and mortar location, windows are a gift to your marketing department.


Whether you have one location or hundreds across the country, windows are a great way of communicating brand, product and promotion. 


Custom window graphics can 


  • Tell a story with the amazing color and clarity of our window murals.
  • Create promotional store signage for every marketing campaign.
  • Introduce new products or services with our vinyl window graphics.
  • Effectively brand your business from the outside in.
  • Coincide with your retail point-of-purchase displays.
  • Draw prospects into your store.

In a recent article entitled For a Limited Time Only published in Digital Output, the author talks with several marketing leaders about the power of POP in windows. 

Durability and Quality

One of the primary discussions in this article is about the materials necessary for durable window graphics that will stand up under a variety of conditions:

Durability is still a concern despite a graphic being up for a brief period of time. "Many interior POP displays are designed for promotions lasting only a few weeks-such as grocery store signage displayed on shelves or suspended from ceilings. PSPs should consider the amount of time and location in which the project is displayed to determine the media's durability requirements," suggests Brandon Wyatt, marketing manager, graphic display, 3A Composites USA.

Jim Cirigliano, marketing manager, Magnum Magnetics Corporation, explains that a short-term POP graphic is physically handled more than once, so the media must be durable, easy to ship, and easy to change out. "Depending on whether the short-term signage will be reused later, you may also want to consider how well the material holds up in storage, where it may be exposed to heat, moisture, and dirt," he continues.

Our custom vinyl window graphics are transparent, yet vibrant enough to be seen from far away.  Meaning that your customers and employees are able to see through the glass no matter what side they are on, but the image is clearly visible for maximum influence. Our on-site production team uses state-of-the-art equipment and Chromatix Digital printing processes to create high quality and durable store signage.

Create Winning Window Displays


Along with custom window graphics, you may also want to use your products to attract prospects and entice customers to enter your store. Entrepreneur Magazine offers 7 tips to Create Winning Window Displays. The key? 


Be creative. Make sure your windows are clean. Use effective lighting:


Use lighting to stand out. Window lighting shouldn't be an afterthought.


"You can really draw a customer in if you just have the correct angle of light on your product," says Schallert, who advises against hanging lights directly above a product to avoid creating shadows. Instead, use lighting to highlight focal points. Cahan recommends investing in a few spotlights you leave on after you close for the night. "If you are the only place with your lights on, you will be the only store people see," she says. "You will be like a beacon of visual stimulation." 

 Get creative with your design ideas. The combination of custom window graphics, with product and lighting can be used to tell a story. Trend Hunter

collected an amazing selection of some of the most innovative window displays. 



The image to the rights is:
"Created by Kahori Maki, 'Moon Princes' begins with the window display and then leaks into the store's interior space. It's black-and-white coloring contrasts vividly with the relatively vibrant clothing."


The author, Meghan Young, explains her viewpoint of window displays:


Storefronts set the mood of the shopper, not only bringing them into a world of taste and style but also into whatever imagination the person who designed it has chosen to exhibit such as 'Moon Princes.' A fantastical concept, the 'Moon Princes' experience is mystical and filled with art. 


Your custom window graphics offer a powerful opportunity to connect with your customer; reinforcing your brand message, highlighting new product lines and offering limited time offers. POP (point of purchase) display graphics are an affordable way to frequently change your message so that your store always looks exciting and inviting.


Need help?


The graphic design specialists at E&E Graphic Innovations are available to answer your questions and help you create a winning window display. 


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