August 2014

Bigger is Better - Large Format Digital Printing



Remember the day when printing a 2'x3' poster were cause for celebration? Those days are gone. State-of-the-art large format digital printers have almost eliminated the size limits. 


At E&E Graphic Innovations our large format digital printers allow us to print high quality, four-color products that are 60" x ANY length you want. Want to cover the fence at the local football stadium with a 40 foot continuous message -

large format printers now make that possible!



Large format printed graphics can be used for:

  • Building Wraps for the outside of your building
  • Custom vehicle wraps
  • Wall murals and brand environments in the company lobby or conference room
  • Custom event graphics and trade show graphics
  • Point of Purchase signs
  • Retail graphic displays

4 Tips for Large Format Digital Printing 

Our Trade Show Graphics team got together and formulated the following list of tips based on the projects they have managed over the years. Here are four of the best practices from E&E Exhibit Solutions:

Spot Color vs Process Color


Ensure your final product has the best and brightest color possible. Many digital printers need to recalibrate their printers to deal with "digital color shift" as many digital printing devices degrade over time and use.  We employ Xrite hardware and software to create custom color profiles and ensure quick and easy color matching of customer's logo and spot colors.  Creating files using Spot/PMS colors will ensure a better color match opposed to a process color which may be interpreted differently from printer to printer.


RGB vs CMYK Color Space


When given a choice, select RGB color for your large digital printing projects. Maintaining an Adobe RGB98 color space for digital printing ensures optimal color reproduction and greater flexibility, due to the much larger color gamut that Adobe RGB98 images have in comparison to the CMYK images favored in offset printing. 




Ensure your image quality is capable of being enlarged while maintaining clarity. For large and grand format printing optimal file resolution should equal 100 to 150dpi at final print size.  This keeps files sizes manageable and easier to work with when previewing, proofing and printing. Final output files are up-converted and printed at either 600x600 or 1200x600dpi, to create accurate, colorful and high quality image reproduction.


Large Format Printing Options


Check with your print house to learn about the options they offer. Not every printer offers the same options.  At E&E Exhibit Solutions, we have several different printing devices at our disposal and can ensure a perfect match for your next job.  We employ UV, Latex and Pigment printing technologies and have the ability to print on many different substrates or materials. In addition our Latex printer can produce banners up to 105" wide by any length. 

When digital printing, bigger is better!



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