July 2014

Graphics Gone Horribly Wrong



Have you seen the editor's book "Eats Shoots and Leaves?'


The title takes on two different meanings if the all important comma is missing.


In this signage for Pepsi Next, a similar situation is occurring - without a comma or something between the words 'taste' and 'less' you either want to try the beverage or you want to steer clear.


The Graphic Professionals of E&E Graphic Innovations, a division of E&E Exhibit Solutions have seen it all.


Signage with misspellings, poor color choices and wrong words.


CEO Signage That Sends the Wrong Message


Not long ago, the CEO of a company that was in the process of being sold, scheduled an open door meeting in which he prepared to share the latest news as it related to the sale.


The Human Resources graphics team took the time to create signage to post around the company with the details of time, location and date.


The in house graphics team worked on the design while the communications team perfected the wording. It would be an important message from the CEO to the entire company.


However, as the signs went to print - some wise and eagle-eyed printer brought a slight error to the attention of the Human Resource Manager. The sign announced the date and time for a:


Massage from the CEO 


Not the type of meeting they had originally planned and luckily the mistake was caught before the posters were printed. However, mistakes are not always caught in advance:


Second Pair of Eyes



 When the message is important, ensuring the words, punctuation and spelling are correct is a critical part of custom wall graphics signage.


It is critical that every project is carefully proof read, reviewed and approved before providing the final file to a large format graphic printer like E&E Graphic Innovations. 


The last thing you want to do is PERpare your child for a MASSAGE from the CEO!




The Importance of Spacing 



Ensuring that your custom banners, wall signs and retail graphics displays send the right message, may also require a look at spacing and/or kerning of the letters.



In this unfortunate example, the lack of the proper spacing changed this retail sign from a gently used clothing store to a medical mishap.




Design Errors


Using the right.words, spacing and spelling aren't the only concerns when creating effective graphics. The Creative Blog writes an article offering 15 Common Mistakes Designers make when creating custom graphics. 
  • Not understanding the project
  • Using too many fonts
  • Not proof-reading
  • Copying an over used design

The custom graphics that you use for branding and marketing messages reflect on your company and therefore, you'll want to make sure that all the t's are crossed and the i's are dotted - figuratively and literally. 




Need help?


The graphic design specialists at E&E Graphic Innovations are available to answer your questions and help you avoid creating poorly designed large format custom graphics.


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