April 2014

Custom Floor Graphics- A Firm Foundation for Your Brand Message


Have you noticed how frequently people walk while looking down? In the old days, people held their head eye, made eye contact and exchanged pleasantries but with the epidemic of handheld devices more and more people walk while looking down at their screens.


How does that benefit your business? Aside from the growing trend of mobile advertising, you might also consider custom floor graphics as part of your branding campaign.


People are already looking down - why not capture their attention with a clever use of your logo and brand messaging.  




Benefits of Floor Graphics


Before you dismiss floor graphics as not relevant for your business, first consider some of the marketing benefits:


  • Floor graphics capture the attention of prospects whether walking past or directly on, they are almost forced to notice your logo.
  • Creative floor graphics amuse and delight prospects - often enticing them to take a photo and share on their social media sites.
  • Large format digital printing allows for over-sized images like the floor graphics used during March Madness for the women's college basketball finals.
  • The flexibility and variety of printed materials allows floor graphic designs to be developed for any number of floor options; concrete, high traffic, outdoor, etc.
  • Floor graphics can be used to direct traffic for a specific event or meeting just like the yellow brick road Dorothy used in the Wizard of Oz.
  • Affordable floor graphic materials, removable decals and small print runs allow your business to test a marketing message before creating more permanent floor branding.
Floor Graphic Examples and Uses
  • Rolling carpet in any color or thickness
  • Wood and laminate finishes
  • Raised platforms with wire management
  • Thick carpet padding 
  • Interlocking anti-fatigue rubber tiles

Floor graphics are available in a wide variety of colors and textures for custom ground graphics that complement your overall interior and your specific brand colors. Floor graphics are made from durable materials and high quality custom printing to display in the company lobby, museum entryway or the foyer of every building on the university campus.



Final Word on Floor Graphics


They work. They are cost effective. They are flexible. They are where the marketing industry sees growth potential - in fact, some marketing studies project a 12% annual growth in floor graphic for the next couple of years.


If you have to put your foot down - put it down on a custom floor graphic with your company brand! 


Need help?


The graphic design specialists at E&E Exhibit Solutions are available to answer your questions and help you learn how custom floor graphic can benefit your business.


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