March 2014

Outdoor Advertising on the Rise in 2014



In a recent study by the Winterberry Group, they identified the vast range of ways businesses will be spending, or in some cases, not spending, their marketing dollars this year.


It will be no surprise to read that the Internet and mobile marketing initiatives are on the rise, however, one area that is also seeing an increase is with custom outdoor signs.






You can see from the chart above that many of the ways companies used to spend their dollars, magazines, newspapers, etc. are being directed in other ways; primarily with digital marketing. However, there is something to be said for the visual message that appears around town where your best customers and prospects live.


In order to connect with prospects or even to remind prior customers to come back for your products and services, you have to keep your name in front them. Consumers have too many choices in today's world of over communication. Even if they had an amazing experience with you in the past, if they haven't heard from you or seen your name recently, they may chose your competition.


Consider using custom outdoor signs to celebrate a milestone in your business.  


Or use outdoor signs to announce a new product line or just to grab the attention of those driving by your location.


Is your community sponsoring a non-profit event? Use outdoor signs to let the community know.


Outdoor signs are a great way of keeping your name in front of the community - outdoor graphic images are digitally produced using low-solvent inks that are ideal for producing UV- and weather-resistant materials that hold up against the damaging effects of sun, rain and wind


Outdoor signs can also be used for:


  • Business Identity Signage
  • Portable Sandwich boards announcing sales or events 
  • Exterior Window graphics and decals
  • Freestanding business signage
  • Exterior Directory Systems

Non-Traditional Outdoor Marketing


While we are on the subject of outdoor advertising, make sure you consider some non-traditional methods of name recognition such as custom vehicle wraps and building wraps. Check out this bookstore in Lyon France. Amazing! How can your prospects miss this creative way of keeping your company name in front of them?




By the way, just because it is is what you will find when you go in this bookstore. Makes you want to hop a plane, doesn't it? 


That's what your outdoor signs should do...grab the consumer's attention and make them want to visit your store or pick up the phone or seek you out on the web. 



Need help?


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