January 2014

4 Bs of Growing Your Business




You may have heard of the 4 Ps of branding: Product, Price, Place, Promotion or even the 4 Cs of marketing: Consumer, Costs, Convenience, Communication but we like to talk about the 4 Bs of Growing Your Business:










Today's marketing requires a connection between online marketing, company graphics and visual merchandising.


Everywhere consumers find you they need to see a consistent image and message. The Nike squish is the perfect example of a single symbol being not only recognized for the company name but also the product, the quality, the benefits and the experience of the purchase.


Target has been equally successful with the bulls eye mark and their signature red color that immediately evokes memories, experiences, feelings and a clear understanding of their products and services.


In 2014, your challenge to ensure that you are sending a singular, recognizable message to your customers and prospects and the best way to do that is with the 4 Bs of building your business.


According to an article in the Dallas News that listed the 5 marketing trends for 2014, marketing integration was one of them:



Integrating marketing activities will be required for results

A scattered approach to marketing won't deliver results. As social signals (tweets, likes, shares) and digital PR become crucial for searches, there will be a greater need to make sure that all marketing activities align for the greatest benefit.

With that in mind, we have created the 4 Bs of growing your business:


Brand: Like Target and Nike, your visual image has to be consistent. From the Facebook company page header to your business cards and the large format graphics used within your company headquarters as well as at events, trade shows and custom outside signs.


Build: Social media allows us the opportunity to connect with prospects and customers and build relationships. Being available and responsive is a great way to connect and build credibility. Make sure that you graphic images on Facebook, Twitter and your website match the large format digital printing found on your retail graphics, outdoor signs and trade show displays. 


Benefit: Be clear about the benefits of doing business with your company. Articles and social media status updates that offer valuable information on how to effectively use your products will aid in building your relationships with customers and prospects. 2014 is all about value based content and the Internet offers an endless number of ways to share.   


Buy: People buy from those they like, know and trust. If you have been consistent with your brand imaging, worked diligently to build relationships and credibility by providing valuable content on the benefits of your products and services then the natural next step for consumers will be to BUY from you!


By combining these four Bs into your marketing plan this year you can expect to see growth in your business performance. 


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