December 2013

Getting Back to Basics for Event Marketing




What events are you planning for 2014? Perhaps you are planning a company event, distributor conference, inventory clearance or fund raising dinner. 


Do any research on the Internet for planning and promoting your event and you will find hundreds of articles on using social media and viral marketing to get the word out. The Internet is good and should be a component of any great marketing campaign; however, there are a few basics that we need to nail down first.


Have you created a visual graphic to represent the event?


Your graphic design should transcend all forms of marketing from large format digital printed event signage to the imaging used on the web. In a recently published article focused on corporate branding, 28 examples of corporate branding were highlighted. The images in the article depict the basic marketing collateral such as business cards and brochures, however, you can easily see how these designs would translate to large format printing.


Each design, although unique in color, style and messaging have a few things in common:


  • The message is clear
  • The look is memorable
  • The colors are eye catching
  • The style is simple - not cluttered


The same thought process should go into your event design. It needs to share the important information while also being memorable and eye catching.


Keep in mind that your outdoor event graphics will need to be visible and legible from a distance or perhaps from a moving vehicle. 


Simple is the watch word.


For indoor event graphics; consistency is important - carrying the same color scheme, logo design and messaging through from the website to the large format graphic design on the building wrap to the lobby and room signage will assist attendees as they move from one area to another.


Where will event graphics be the most beneficial?


If your event is taking place in a large, public venue such as a conference center, college campus or medical center, it is critical that you can signage in a variety of formats and locations.


People that have been enticed to attend your event through marketing and social media messaging will need assistance and reassurance that they have come to the right place. Event graphics should start outside the venue and carry the participant through to their final destination.  Here is the start of a list of places where your event signage will provide value:


  • Along the road near the venue
  • Parking lot entrance
  • Front door of the venue both outside and inside the building
  • Lobby
  • Reception counter
  • Custom Floor graphics, stairs or escalator
  • Elevator doors - inside and/or outside - consider an elevator wrap as a unique way to capture attention
  • Outside the entry to the main hall
  • Hallways leading up to breakout session rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Inside the ballroom
  • On stage
  • On either side of the screen

Custom event graphics signage placement helps to cement your company brand in the minds of attendees while also sharing a consistent marketing message.


Event Marketing Materials and Sizes


When considering the large format printing needs of your event, keep in mind that custom event graphics can be printed on a variety of materials such as weather proofed vinyl, fabric, wood, or paper.


Over-sized event graphics are available as wide as 104" (eight and one half feet) by any length. You will want to work closely with your large format graphic printer to determine the exact measurements and materials that will work best to market your event.



Traditional Printing is Still an Option


Keep in mind that although the marketing conversation seems focused on the Internet and social media, print is still alive and well.


The Printing Industries of America has created a flip book that outlines the values and benefits of printing. If you are getting push back from the financial leaders of your company to reduce your amount of printing, you may want to check out this informative ebook. Value of Print.


New Rules of Event Marketing


Although large format printing is very valuable when it comes to event marketing, we do need to be aware of the new rules. Inc. Magazine printed an article entitled The New Rules of Event Marketing. The article offers six ways to stand out from the competition using new media and social media. Flash mobs are yesterday - making a big bang is tomorrow. So check it out. Effective marketing requires a full range of tactics that include the Internet and large format graphics.


Need help?


The graphic design specialists at E&E Exhibit Solutions are available to answer your questions and help you create a strategy for your next event. Give us a call to get started.


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