November 2013

How Do Successful Companies Use Logo Placement?





Large format digital printing capabilities have expanded to the point where you can now wrap your logo around anything. For example:


  • Wrap machinery with your logo
  • Decorate columns with your logo
  • Fence graphics in front of construction sites, around campus or in the stadium
  • Plaster the elevator doors of a hotel with your logo and marketing message
  • Floor graphics: Wrap stairs, escalators or building wraps
  • Table and counter tops
  • Wrap cars, trucks, buses, any moving vehicle with your logo

We could even wrap your teenager!


Not all wraps have to be permanent like a vehicle wrap. You can also use the digital printing wrap process to strategically spread your message for a trade show, convention, open house, or special event.







In an article about the shift of marketing to interactive, digital and web-based, it was suggested that the idea of more traditional marketing be focused on branding rather than advertising.


Using wraps as a method of keeping your logo and company message in front of consumers as they travel through their day is an effective method of branding.


Kevin Bishop, VP & GM Enterprise Marketing Management at IBM, also argued for this way of thinking.


"It's not about a better ad, it's about a better moment," he said. "We need to understand the customer journey to be able to understand what's needed.


Social media has made marketing to consumers a more interactive process, however, there is still a strong argument for ensuring that your logo placement targets consumers where they live, work, shop and travel.


Vehicle wraps are the obvious solution for businesses offering products and services for consumers in a specific market place. Whether one car, van or truck is wrapped, or an entire fleet - your logo placement is visible within the community.


Tips for Creating a Great Visual Wrap


Entrepreneur magazine published an article offering tips on transit advertising, wrapping your branding message around the local buses. In the article, the author shares some great tips on the creation of your wrapped branding message:


When it comes to creating your exterior signs, be sure to limit your message to the same eight to 10 words you'd use on an outdoor billboard. It's the same concept: People drive by the billboards--and buses drive by the people. It's all about movement. There's only so much time to read something in motion, so give your audience a break and make your message easy for them to read and understand at a glance. Making it big, bright, bold, and to the point will help get you the response you're looking for. 


Consumers do not act the first time they see your logo. In fact, they may not even realize they have seen your ad. The more you keep your name in front of prospects, the more likely they are to act.


How many times does a person need to see your logo before they take action? Check out this amazingly applicable explanation from Thomas Smith, a noted business man. He wrote the guide to Successful Marketing in 1885. He shares the thought process of the prospect as they see your logo TWENTY times before making a purchase.
















If you have been considering using the wrap technology to brand your business, give the graphics professionals at E&E Graphic Innovations a call to learn more. 






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