September 2013


It is September and in many parts of the country trees are beginning to change color. All around us the rich colors and textures of nature catch our attention. Is it any wonder marketers and visual merchandising executives are choosing to use fabric textures and colors in their brand marketing?

8 Reasons Marketers Love Fabric





  1. Fabric displays are also referred to as "soft signing." The soft, flexible nature of fabric is the first benefit. It is lightweight and easy to work with.
  2. Since fabric is lightweight is also less expensive to ship and store. You can easily roll up a fabric display or soft sign and it takes up less space when not in use.
  3. Keeping on the theme of easy; soft signing is easy to frame or place in a pop up display. The versatility of fabric displays allows retailers to change out the look of their displays on a regular basis.
  4. Fabric offers so many texture choices. Unlike a foam core or vinyl display, you can add interest and depth to your fabric display by the choices of fabric textures available.
  5. Colors adhere beautifully and the rich nature of the color combinations available for large format digital printing, are seemingly endless.
  6. New manufacturing and printing processes uses a computerized program to remember the hues and blends so that each printed fabric display is the same as the one before; even if months have passed since the last printing.
  7. Outdoor brand environments for events are taking advantage of fabric in their displays now that the manufacturing process has ensured the integrity of the colors; sun fading and weather damage are no longer a concern with soft signing.
  8. Colors pop when a fabric display is combined with back lighting. Backlit graphics using fabric capture the attention of consumers and therefore retailers are switching their retail graphics to fabric.

Soft signing or fabric displays are being used in a variety of places:
  • Retail stores
  • Auto dealers
  • Hospitals
  • Conference centers
  • Educational institutions
  • Construction sites
  • Town signage
  • Theaters
  • Trade shows

 If you have been considering signage for your event, office building or medical center, you might consider the flexibility and durability of fabric. Give the graphics professionals at E&E Graphic Innovations a call to learn more. 






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