August 2013


In this month's newsletter we want to talk about color, the management of the colors in your brand and the images associated with your company. We all know that using a consistent color(s) and font is critical for the consumer to recognize your brand instantaneously, but do you truly understand how that is accomplished?

Understanding Color Management for Your Brand


Color management is more than the lesson of staying within the lines that we learned as preschoolers. It is even more than selecting a color palette for your company brand.



Color management is the process by which your company colors and images are consistently the same regardless of what medium your brand appears on (paper, vinyl, fabric, wall coverings, etc.)



From vehicle wraps to trade show displays to a custom fence graphic attached to the local baseball stadium fence, color managed correctly means that the consumer will see identical images and colors; making your brand recognizable. 


Words are important, but consumers remember the color. Can you guess correctly the following brand images without their company name or slogan?*


At E&E Graphic Innovations we use state-of-the-art digital large format printing equipment and a color management process that guarantees the integrity of your brand, regardless of the medium we use to print it on.  For example, your brochure colors need to match your car wrap colors and the technology for printing these two examples are different. 



The E&E Four Step Color Management Process

  1. Every customer project requires image files that meet our specifications. The graphic team meets with each customer to explain the specifications. Regardless of the software used, Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, the most effective color profile for digital printing is Adobe RGB 98. This allows for color accuracy regardless of material or size of the finished product.
  2. For each project, we create an International Color Consortium (ICC) profile for each media that will be used. The ICC profile ensures the color quality for your product today and again next month or even in five years.
  3. We verify that the image files from the customer have been saved correctly for color, size, material and set up. We verify the colors based on the assigned Pantone color palette. Click here for the PMS Color chart. 
  4. We enter the information into the Raster Image Process (RIP) computer that uses a photo spectrometer to accurately read the color.

The result? Your brand logo and images printed accurately regardless of the size or the material.


Additionally, our graphic printing department is climate controlled and all of our large format digital printers are calibrated weekly or bi-weekly to ensure consistent color accuracy.


"The graphics staff at E&E takes the time to work with our customers to ensure that digitally printed images are an accurate extension of their current brand image," said Ronnie Collender, Graphic Production Manager. "Color accuracy is a high priority for our company and is one of the many quality services we offer our customers."


Have you been considering large format graphics for an upcoming event, wall decals for your company lobby or branding your corporate fleet with vehicle wraps? 


Give the graphics professionals at E&E Graphic Innovations a call. 




 * The answers to the logo quiz:  1. Skype   2. BP   3. Valvoline

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