July 2013


Welcome to our first E&E Graphic Innovations newsletter. We'll be sharing tips, trends and techniques for branding your company in house, at events and within the environment. We hope you'll let us know if there is something specific you'd like us to cover! 

Where to Use Your Logo

Your company logo is the brand image that not only represents the NAME of your company but also the HEART and soul, mission, vision and values that you represent to your customers, your employees, your vendors and your community.

So where should you put your logo to make sure that it becomes synonymous with your company?

57 Places for Your Logo

Just like the famous sauce, following are 57 varieties, suggestions, tips for how you can use your logo. Truth is - there are a ton more than 57 but it is lunch time and we were hungry when we came up with list - visit our Facebook page and add a few more!

Let's start with the basics and then move to some more interesting logo uses

  1. Your business sign 
  2. Business cards
  3. Stationary
  4. Envelopes
  5. Company and Payroll checks (employees need to remember the brand image as well)
  6. Fleet cars - custom vehicle wraps and car windows
  7. Custom window graphics
  8. Company attire/uniforms
  9. Tchotchkes (pens, post-it notes, magnets, stickers) Betcha didn't know that was how it was spelled!
  10. Power point templates
  11. LinkedIn company page
  12. Facebook company page
  13. YouTube channel
  14. Twitter home page
  15. Vine app
  16. Blog header
  17. e-Newsletter header
  18. Tattoos - let's stop for a moment. Visit Melt Bar and Grilled - the best grilled cheese restaurant in the world - customers receive a lifetime discount for a body tattoo of the company logo!!
  19. Newspaper ads
  20. Yellow pages (your online account - do we really pay for the printed book anymore?)
  21. Flooring - rugs, linoleum, carpets, stairs - custom floor graphics are perfect for your logo  
  22. Email signature - personalize your signature to include your logo and social media links
  23. Website - but here is a tip - create a FAVICON - a 16x16 bit logo image that will appear in the URL line along with your address at the very top of the screen.
  24. Urinals and restroom stalls - it is a captive audience
  25. Grocery cart seat covers
  26. iPhone/iPad/laptop covers
  27. Seat backs and tray tables on your favorite airline 
  28. Customized credit cards and discount cards
  29.  Bumper stickers
  30. Cafepress - for small businesses, create a single mug or single t-shirt design with your logo
  31. Direct mail advertisement
  32. Calendars
  33. Local diner menus
  34. Local movie theater screen
  35. Custom fence graphics
  36. Ink stamps - "paid in full" with your Logo is classy
  37. Golf balls
  38. Name tags
  39. Custom banners
  40. Blankets - towels - sports bags - lunch boxes - tote bags
  41. License plate covers
  42. Mugs, cups, thermos, glassware
  43. Google - Google Places, Google Map, Google+
  44. Event signage - custom event graphics grab the attention at fairs, fundraisers, sidewalk sales, etc.
  45. Livestock blankets - I am not kidding! 
  46. POP - point of purchase signage within your store is a must for your logo, retail graphic displays within your location
  47. Shaved into the hair of a customer
  48. Painted on a lip - check out Fiverr.com for all of the places people will put your logo for just $5!
  49. Flyers, handouts and door hangers
  50. Company lobby, conference rooms and employee lounge can use custom wall graphics with your logo
  51. Book marks
  52. Write and publish an e-book with your logo in the cover design
  53. Sales materials
  54. Mouse pads
  55. Fortune cookies
  56. Trade show graphics
  57. Mobile app for your company

Whew! That can't be all. M&Ms sells customized candies, frisbies can be printed with your logo, your employees may agree to have the logo painted on their fingernails. 


Here is the bottom line. Your logo is the most important graphic image your company has. No matter the size of your company - you can make sure that your logo is front and center so that prospects and customers remember who you are, refer you to others and return the next time they need a purchase! 


Remember - if you have a few creative ideas that we missed - make sure to  like our Facebook page and share your ideas AND PICTURES on our wall. E&E Exhibit Solutions Facebook.


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