January 2015

From Mary's Desk

A new year is upon us and there are several big initiatives we're working on here at MCF that I'd like to share with you. The first is Give Local Montana. Following the lead of the Missoula Community Foundation and other community foundations across the US, community foundations throughout Montana have been discussing whether they too can bring a "Give Local" program to their community. Four community foundations in addition to Missoula will be leading Give Local efforts in their communities - Bozeman, Glendive, Helena and Flathead. Watch for more information coming soon about how to participate if you're a nonprofit, how to sponsor the efforts if you're a local business and how to support your favorite nonprofit if you're a Montanan! 


The second big initiative is the exploration of creating a center for Montana nonprofits offering shared space and shared services. This model has worked to great benefit in many communities around the country and our hope is to discover if communities in Montana would benefit as well. Please see below for an invite to our first meeting which you're welcome to attend, and watch for more news on this exciting project in the near future. 





Mary K. Rutherford, MA, CFRE

President & Chief Executive Officer

Join Us for a Community Conversation about Shared Space!

The Montana Community Foundation is exploring the possibility of creating a center for Montana nonprofits in offering shared space and shared services. As a valuable member of our community, we would love for you to join the conversation and share your thoughts!  

Thursday, January 29
9-10:30 a.m.
MHS Auditorium
Montana Historical Society in Helena
225 Roberts St.*
Please RSVP to Daphne Kurtz at (406) 443-8313 or daphnekurtz@mtcf.org no later than Monday, Jan. 26.


*Limited parking is available. Alternatively, a shuttle stops along the east side of the Capital Hill Mall and a parking lot at the corner of Ninth Avenue and Roberts Street. Pickup is approximately every 10-15 minutes.

Join us to discuss a center for Montana nonprofits.
Generosity at Work

December was a banner month and 2014 a banner year for giving to benefit Montana nonprofits. The month saw approximately 79 grants totaling just under $224,000. For 2014, 544 grants were made to support philanthropy in Montana totaling more than $1.7 million! Thank you to our donors for their incredible generosity this year and thank you to all the Montana nonprofits for the exceptional work you do in our communities each day!


Find out how you can give back to Montana here.


Are you a donor, grantee or affiliate organization that has a great story to share about philanthropy in Montana? Let us know and we'll include it in a future edition of Infinity! 

Approximately $1.7 million in grants were made through MCF in 2014.
10 Questions for the Board - Jeff Bretherton 

Just who are these wonderful folks that give so much back to Montana through their work with MCF and beyond? Let's find out!


1. Where are you from originally?

I was born in Missoula and grew up in Great Falls. I moved to Minnesota in 1985 and returned to Missoula in 2005.


2. What's your "real" job outside the foundation?

Ranch real estate advisor and philanthropic consultant.


3. What's your favorite hobby/what do you do with your free time? 

Most of my non-work time is spent with my family following the activities of my two kids.
Jeff Bretherton is a MCF board 
4. If you had to choose a different profession, what would it be and why?

I have two: Hedge Fund Manager and/or Head Coach of a successful college football

team. Having friends and clients in both professions is my inspiration.


5. What's something not very many people know about you?

Because of my daughter's involvement for several years, I love competitive cheer leading.   


6. What are three things you can't live without?

Time with my family, our two labs and football season.


7. How did you first get involved in the nonprofit sector?

After a couple years working in a financial advisory firm, I was hired by St. John's

University (MN) (alma mater) to run their planned giving office.


8. If there was one thing you wanted people to know about MCF, what would it be?

The robust capabilities and understanding both the staff and Board have on philanthropic issues in Montana. We are truly the go-to expert on these matters in the state.


9. What's your favorite place in Montana?

Too many to pick from - the Dearborn River, Flathead Lake, Rock Creek Cattle Company

and Washington Grizzly Stadium.


10. What's your favorite thing about Montana/Montanans?

I love the diversity of the outdoor places in Montana.  

So you're a community foundation...what's that?!

If you receive this newsletter, you probably have a pretty good idea of what a community foundation is, but maybe not. Or perhaps you have friends or family who have asked you about what a community foundation is and does, and you just can't quite come up with the words to describe it. Maybe you're a professional advisor who is interested in helping a client create a financial plan that includes charitable giving. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth even more. Here's a short one that helps explain what a community foundation is and does.

What is a community foundation?

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